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基本信息 The basic information








工作经历 Work Experience

2016年9月~至今 西北工业大学 教授

2014年6月~2016年9月 美国可再生能源国家实验室(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) 博士后 

2014年1月~2014年6月 美国北卡夏洛特大学(The University of North Carolina at Charlotte) 博士后 

教育经历 Education Experience

2010年8月~2013年12月 美国阿克伦大学(The University of Akron) 土木工程(复合材料力学) 博士 

2008年9月~2010年6月 武汉理工大学 复合材料学 硕士

2004年9月~2008年6月 武汉理工大学 复合材料与工程 学士 

招生信息 Admission Information




荣誉获奖 Awards Information

2017年  国家千人计划青年项目

2017年  陕西省青年百人

2017年  西北工业大学翱翔青年学者 

2017年  Journal of Power SourcesChinese Journal of AeronauticsAdvances in Engineering Software优秀审稿人 

2016年  世界计算力学大会Travel Award

2014/2015年  Journal of Aerospace Engineering优秀审稿人 

2012年  ASCE Earth and Space Conference最佳论文奖

科学研究 Scientific Research


(1)编织复合材料的多尺度损伤行为和细观有限元模拟; (2)复合材料结构的老化行为;








(5) 国家“青年千人”专项基金,航空复合材料结构的冲击损伤机理和老化行为研究,2017/06-2022/6,在研,400万人民币,主持

(6) 西工大新进教师启动项目,复合材料发动机机匣结构的动态力学行为研究,2016/09-2017/12,在研,20万人民币,主持   

学术成果 Academic Achievements


1. Lubing Wang, Sha Yin, Chao Zhang, Yong Huan, Jun Xu*. Mechanical characterization and modeling for anodes and cathodes in lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources, 2018, 392, 265-273.

2. Binghe Liu, Jinjie Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jun Xu*. Mechanical integrity of 18650 lithium-ion battery module: Packing density and packing mode. Engineering Failure Analysis, 2018, 91, 315-326.

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5. An Chen*, Mostafa Yossef, Chao Zhang*. Strain effect on the performance of amorphous silicon and perovskite solar cells. Solar Energy, 2018, 163:243-250.

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7. Junpu Wang, Wenzhi Wang, Chao Zhang, Wenshan Yu*. The electro-mechanical behavior of conductive filler reinforced polymer composite undergone large deformation: A combined numerical-analytical study. Composites Part B, 2018, 133:185-192.

8. Chao Zhang*, Fangliang Chen, Matthew H Gray, Robert Tirawat, Ross E Larsen*. An elasto-plastic solution for channel cracking of brittle coating on polymer substrate. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2017, 120:125-136.

9. Chao Zhang, Jun Xu, Lei Cao, Zenan Wu, Shriram Santhanagopalan*. Constitutive behavior and progressive mechanical failure of electrodes in lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources, 2017, 357:126-137.

10. Howie Fang*, Jing Bi, Chao Zhang, Matthew Gutowski, Emre Palta, Qian Wang. A constitutive model of aluminum foam for crash simulations. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 2017, 90: 124-136.

11. Wenzhi Wang, Yonghui Dai, Chao Zhang*, Xiaosheng Gao, and Meiying Zhao. Micromechanical modeling of fiber-reinforced composites with statistically equivalent random fiber distributionMaterials, 2016, 9(8): 624.

12. Wei Mao, Wenzhi Wang*, Lijun He, Chao Zhang. Modeling and mechanical properties of composite bionic suture joint structures. Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2016, 42(12):2762-2768. (中文)

13. Lijun He, Wenzhi Wang*, Wei Mao, Chao Zhang. Effect of geometry on the mechanical behavior of high-hierarchy composite bionic suture structure. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, 2016, 33(10): 2230-2236. (中文)

14. Chao Zhang, Shriram Santhanagopalan*, Michael A Sprague, Ahmad A Pesaran. A representative sandwich model for simultaneous coupled mechanical-electrical-thermal simulation of lithium-ion battery under indentation tests. Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 298:309-321.

15. Ning Li, Howie Fang*, Chao Zhang, Matthew Gutowski, Emre Palta, Qian Wang. A numerical study of occupant responses and injuries in vehicular crashes into roadside barriers based on finite element simulations. Advances in Engineering Software, 2015, 90:22-40.

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17. Chao Zhang, Shriram Santhanagopalan*, Michael A Sprague, Ahmad A Pesaran. Coupled mechanical-electrical-thermal modeling for short-circuit prediction in a lithium-ion cell under mechanical abuse. Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 290:102-113.

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24. Chao Zhang*, Wieslaw K Binienda, Frank E Horvat, and Wenzhi Wang, Application of Numerical Methods for Crashworthiness Investigation on Aircraft Wing Impact with Tree, Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences, 2013, 5(1):71-85. (邀稿)

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Chao Zhang, Wenzhi Wang, Virtual Testing of Three-Dimensional Hollow/Porous Braided Composites. In: Yiqi Yang, Jianyong Yu, Helan Xu, Baozhong Sun (eds) Porous lightweight composites reinforced with fibrous structures. 2017, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg 

社会兼职 Social Appointments

  • 2018年,11th Asian-Australian Conference on Composite Materials, 分会召集人
  • 2018年,3rd International Conference on Damage Mechanics,分会组织者
  • 2017年,21st International Conference on Composite Materials,分会主席
  • 2016年,ASCE Earth and Space 2016 Advanced Composites,分会主席  
  • 2015年,ASC Composites 30th Annual Technical Conference,分会主席
  • 2015年,13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics,分会主席 

  • 航空学报和Chinese Journal of Aeronautics青年编委
  • 美国复合材料学会分析与测试委员会成员
  • 美国土木工程师学会先进材料与结构委员会成员
  • 美国计算力学学会成员
  • 中国复合材料学会高级会员


  1. Composites Science and Technology
  2. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacture
  3. Composites Part B: Engineering
  4. Composite Interfaces
  5. Composite Structures
  6. Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  7. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
  8. International Journal of Thermophysics
  9. Mechanics Research Communication
  10. Journal of Power Sources
  11. International Journal of Fatigue