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The basic information

zhao ning

School of Mechanical Engineering




Awards Information

2010 Second Science & Techniques Prize of Shaanxi Province

Advanced Gear Meshing Theory Research and Engineering Application

2009 Second High School Scientific Research Excellence Award (Science and Technology), Natural Science Prize

Advanced Geometry Design and Performance Analysis Method of Gear Meshing Transmission System

2007 Second Science and Technology Award of China Aviation Society

Modern Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Techniques of Aviation High-speed Spiral Bevel Gear 

Scientific Research

1 Research Directions

1) Advanced Transmission Theory and Techniques

Theoretical Method for Design of New Aviation Face Gear Transmission,

High Precision Manufacturing Technology and Equipment,

Torque Shunting and Junction Techniques of New Aviation Face Gear,

Torque Shunting and Junction Techniques of New Cylindrical Gear with High Speed and Heavy Load,

Transmission and Manufacturing Techniques of New Point Contact Parabolic Gear with High Strength,

Transmission Techniques of Aviation Herringbone Gear,

Theory, Method and Engineering Application of Some Other New Types of Gear, Etc.

2) Structure/ Strength/ Dynamics and Optimization Design Technology

Strength Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Optimization Design of Mechanics/Structure/System,

Vibration and Noise Reduction Techniques of Mechanics/Structure/System,

Dynamic Analysis and Vibration and Noise Reduction Techniques of Gear and Gear System, Etc.

3) CAD/CAE/Digital Simulation Technology

Finite Element Modeling, Analysis Method and Application Techniques,

Multi-body Dynamic Analysis and Simulation Techniques,

Analysis and Simulation Techniques of Multi-field with “Heat-solid” Coupling or “Rigid-flexible” Coupling, Etc.

2 Main Scientific Research Projects in Recent Years

1) Theory and Method Research of Grinding Manufacturing and Active Design for Point Contact Face Gear, The National Natural Science Foundation of China(51075328), 2011.01-2013.12, ¥380 000.00

2) Grinding Method Research and Manufacturing of Orthogonal Face Gear, 2014.05-2015.04, ¥680 000.00

3) Design Method, Precision Machining Process and Special Equipment Research of Face Gear, National Special Scientific Research Project2016.01-2018.12, ¥16 000 000.00

4) Transmission Techniques Research of New Parabolic Gear with High Strength, Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education, 2013.01-2015.12, ¥120 000.00

5) Dynamics Analysis Method of Important Parts, Etc. 2012.07-2014.12, ¥1 950 000.00

6) Technology Development of Integrated Optical Modulator Used in Closed-loop Fiber Optic gyroscope, Cooperative Development Project, 2014.04-2016.05, ¥690 000.00

7) Development of Woven Rope Tooling for Ring Reflector, Cooperative Development Project, 2013.09-2014.03, ¥420 000.00 

Academic Achievements

[1]An RBF-MFS model for analyzing thermal behavior of skin tissues, Int J Heat & Mass Transfer 53 (7-8), 1298-1307, 2010(SCI: 0017-9310,SCI Partition: 2, EI: 20100412662541)

[2]Influence of cutting speed on flank temperature during face milling of magnesium alloy. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 26, No. 8, Aug. 2011, pp.1059-1063. (SCI: 000299577100015, (EI: 20113214223987)

[3]Research on Meshing of Face Gear Drive under Errors of Alignment and Machining. Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47 (2011) pp.1948-1951, (EI: 20110313586171)

[4]Tooth Contact Analysis of Face Gear Drive Modified by a Grinding Worm. Advanced Materials Research Vols.139-141(2010), pp.1154-1157, (EI: 20110113545927)

[5]Research on machining face gears using a CNC hobbing machine, Advanced Materials Research,v97-101, p3761-3764, 2010, (EI: 20101612863665)

[6]Theoretical Error of Roll Cut Face Gear with Spherical Hob. Journal of aviation power, 2009, vol. 24(3): 677-682, (EI: 20091612036317)

[7]Tooth Surface Simulation and Contact Analysis of Helical Gear. Journal of aviation power, 2008, vol. 23(10): 1927-1932, (EI: 20084611708273)

[8] Contact FEM Based Bending Strength Research of Face Gear. Journal of aviation power, 2008, vol. 23(8): 1438-1442, (EI: 20083711540867)