chen zhong wei


The basic information

chen zhong wei

School of Materials Science and Engineering




Work Experience

2005/06 ~ now,     Northwestern Polytechnical University, Materials School, Professor/Associate Professor,Doctoral Supervisor, Master Supervisor;

2006/11~2007/11, Sheffield University, Department of Engineering Materials, Visiting Scholar;

2001/11~2005/05, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Materials School, Lecture.

Education Experience

1989/09~1993/07, Xi'An University of Architecture and technology, BSc;

1996/09~1999/07, Xi'An University of Architecture and technology, MSc.

Awards Information

Admitting the oversea students for doctor and master degree in materials science and engineering.

Main research interests are as follows:

1/Phase transformation and microstructure control of alloys;

2/ Microstructure characterization of micro-nano materials;

3/ Solidification process technology on light alloys

Scientific Research

Presently the main focus of our research lies in the following areas:

1/Melting treatment and solidification process of Al alloys;

2/ EBSD and in-situ microstructure characterization of micro-nano materials;

3/ Microstructure characterization of quasicrystal and high-entropy alloys. 

Our group is interested both in the control of microstructure and the development of new processes to enable engineering structures to be manufactured from them. Understanding the mechanisms driving the evolution of microstructure during processing is essential to developing new manufacturing processes in Shaanxi materials analysis and research center.

Academic Achievements

Our group has publicated about 60 papers (SCI 40) and 1 monograph on EBSD,  as well as obtained 5 patents.


Social Appointments

Personal activities and recognition

    1. Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Committee on Analysis and Testing
    2. Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Electron Microscopy Committee
    3. Deputy Director of EBSD Branch Committee of Chinese Electron Microscopy Council