Geng LIU


The basic information

Geng LIU

School of Mechanical Engineering




Work Experience

6/2012 -        Director, Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Transmissions and Controls.

3/2004 -        Co-Director, Institute for Engineering Design and Simulations (IEDS) , an joint Institute of NPU with Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 

3/1995 -         Professor of mechanical engineering, NPU.

7/1982 - 2/1995    Associate Professor and Lecturer of mechanical engineering, NPU. 

10/2010-10/2010  Trainee, training program in Advanced Education Administration, University of Twente, Twente, Netherlands

7/2005 - 8/2005     Trainee, training program in Advanced Education Administration and Leadership, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

8/2004 - 8/2004     Trainee, 2nd Training Modules for Promoting Engineering Design Education in China. Asia-Link Project of Europe Union, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

10/1998 - 9/1999    Post-Doctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA

4/1997 - 9/1998    Visiting Scholar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA

Education Experience

Ph.D. (1994): in Mechanical Engineering, Xian Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China.

                     Title: Theoreticcal and experimental study on the dynamic properties of external and internal cylindrical gears.

B.Eng. (1982); M.Eng. (1987):  in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), Xi’an, China 

                    Title: Three-dimensional Contact Stress Analysis of Helical Gears.

Education And Teaching

For undergraduates: Mechanical Final Design Program; Finite Element Methods

For graduates: Contact Mechanics;Thermal Elastic-plastic Finite Element Methods;

                           Modern Design Theory; Dynamics of Mechanical Systems; Design and Simulations of Virtual Prototyping 

Awards Information

NPU broke regular rules to promote me as Associate Professor and Professor of mechanical engineering in March, 1991 and March, 1995, respectively.

The 2nd Award of Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi Province, China, 2008.

“35  Excellent Person ”,  Shaanxi Provincial Government, 2002

Appreciate Certificate, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), USA, 1999

Excellent Young Teacher, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), 1996

Outstanding Contribution Award of Ph.D. Gainers, AVIC, 1996

The 3rd GuangHua Award, GuangHua Science and Technology Foundation, 1996

China Governmental Special Allowance for Excellent Scientists, 1993.

The 2nd Award of Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi Province, China, 1995.

The 2nd Award of Science and Technology Progress of AVIC, China, 1993

The 3rd Award of National Science and Technology Progress, China, 1991.

The 1st Award of Science and Technology Progress of AVIC, China, 1990

Scientific Research

Mechanical Transmissions

Virtual and physical prototyping simulation and design technology of mechanical systems

Electro-Mechanical Actuator

Contact Mechanics

Nano-scale and multi-scale simulation methods

Social Appointments

International Committee Member, International Gear Conference, Lyon, France, 2014.

International Committee Member, International Conference on Gears, Munich, Germany, 2013-.

Session Chair, Planetary Gears, International Conference on Gears, Munich, Garshing, Germany, 2013.

General Secretary, Chair of Organizing Committee, International Conference on Power Transimissions, Xian, China, 2011

Session Chair, G-13 Micro-, Nano- and Molecular Tribology/Microtribology III, the 4th World Tribology Congress,  Kyoto, Japan, 2009

Co-organizers, Minisymposia of Multiscale Simulations for Materials and Mechanical Systems, Eighth World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Venice, Italy, 2008

Secretary General, The 12th International Manufacturing Conference, Xi’an, China, September 21-23, 2006

Co-organizers, Minisymposia of Virtual Tribology and Design, and Multiscale Simulations for Physical and Mechanical Behaviors of Materials, Seventh World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Los Angeles, USA, 2006

Co-organizer and Session Chair, Minisymposium No.17 (Virtual Tribology), Sixth World Congress on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with second Asia-Pacific Cogress on Computational Mechanics, Beijing, China, 2004

Session Vice-Chairman, Engine and Drivetrain, STLE Annual Meeting, 1998, 1999.

Fellow of Mechanical Design Association of China, 2003-

Fellow of Mechanical Transmission Association of China, 2012-