GUO Ying-qing

The basic information

GUO Ying-qing

School of Power and Energy





Work Experience

1997-2002, Vice-professor, Department of Aeropower and Heat Engineering, NWPU

2003-present, Professor, School of Power and Energy, NWPU

2008-2009, Visiting Professor, Department of Automatic Control & Systems Management, Sheffield University, UK 

Education Experience

1984, BA in Fluid Control and Hydraulic Drive, Department of Automatic Control, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) , Xi’an P.R. China

1987, MA in Gyro and Inertial Guide, Department of Automatic Control, NWPU

2000, PhD in Weapon System and Its Application Engineering, School of Marine Engineering, NWPU

Education And Teaching

1.Linear System Theory

2.Non-linear Control System

3.Control Design of Propulsion System

4.Modern Aeroengine Control System

5.Advanced Control and Health Management Technologies 

Scientific Research

1. Advanced Condition Monitoring and Health Management for Propulsion Systems

2. Key Technologies of Aeroengine Distributed Control Systems

3. Performance Analysis and Optimization Design of Aeroengine Hydraulic mechanical Devices

4.Design and Implementation technologies of Advanced control theory,Intelligent control 5.Modeling,simulation and FADEC Design of aeroengine control system

6.Control and Diagnosis Technologies of Scramjet Engine and Combined Cycle Engine 

Academic Achievements

1.CHEN Xiao-lei,GUO Ying-qing,DU XianFast Response Control Aircraft Engine Through High Speed Idle ControlJOURNAL OF PROPULSION TECHNOLOGY,Sept.2014,Vol.35 No.9

2.Ying-QingGuo,Xiao-Lei Chen,Xian Du,Xiao-Dong He, Adaptive Life Extending Control of Aircraft Engine, AIAA2014-3956,July28-30,2014,Cleveland,Ohio,USA

3.ZHANG Shugang,GUO Yingqing,FENG Jianpeng,Design and Simulation Validation of Integrated On-board Aircraft Engine Diagnostic Architecture,Chinese Journal of Aeronautics,Feb.2014 ,Vol.35 No.2,381-389

4.Xian Du,Ying-qing Guo,Xiao-lei ChenMultivariable Constrained Predictive Control and Its Application to a Commercial Turbofan EngineVol.909(2014) pp 281-287

5.CHEN Xiao-lei,GUO Ying-qing,DU Xian,Adaptive Life Extending Control of Control of Aircraft Engine in Whole Life,

6.ZHANG Shu-gang , GUO Ying-qing,CHEN Xiao-lei, Performance Evaluation and Simulation Validation of Fault Diagnosis System for Aircraft Engine,,2013.(8):1121-1127

7.CHEN Xiao-lei, GUO Ying-qing,ZHANG Shu-gang,Intelligent emergence control system of a certain turbofan engine,,2013,Vol.28,No.8:1897-1904

8.WU Jun-feng, GUO Ying-qing,Design and simulation of aero-engine steady-state and transient-state control integration,,2013,Vol.28,No.6:1436-1440

9.Changjun Pan,Yingqing GuDesign and simulation of ex-range gliding wing of high altitude air-launched autonomous underwater vehicles based on SIMULINKChinese Journal of Aeronautics 201326 (2), pp. 319-325

10.WANG Wei, GUO Ying-qing,Research of the Method for Selecting Ramjet Sensors Based on Extension Theory,,2013.34(3)

11.,Fixed Dynamic Method for Transient-State Optimal Control Law Design of Aircraft Engine,,30July-01August 2012,Atlanta,Georgia

12.Yingqing Guo,Jun Lu,Shugang ZhangImproved hybrid Kalman filter for in-flight aircraft engine performance estimation,,30July-01August 2012,Atlanta,Georgia

13.ZHANG Shu-gang,GUO Ying-qing, LU Jun,Research on aircraft engine component-level models based on GasTurb/MATLAB,Journal of Aerospace Power,2012,Vol.27,No.12:2850-2856

14.LU Jun, GUO Ying-qing,WANG lei ,A new method for designing optimal control law of aeroengine in transient states,,

Social Appointments

Members of the Editorial Board, Journal of Aerospace Power,2010-now

Members of the Editorial Board, Journal of Propulsion Technology,2014-now

Senior Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA),2012-now

Committee member of Aeroengine Control Branch at Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautis (CSAA), 2002-now

Committee member of Academic Board, Aeropower Control System Laboratory of China, 2004-now 

Team Information

Advanced Control and Health Management Technology of Propulsion System research team includes professor,associate professors and more than 20 doctoral and master's students.The laboratory has the Design and Test Platform of Aeroengine Distributed Control System,the Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Real-Time Simulation Test-bed of Control and Health Management Systems, and Multi-Discipline Hydro-Mechnical and Digital Control Co-Simulation System etc.