Kuidong Huang



The basic information

Kuidong Huang

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Scientific Research

digital measurement and quality evaluation, cone-beam ct theory and application, computer graphics and image processing.

Academic Achievements

1.      k huang, h zhang, y shi, l zhang and z xu, scatter correction method for cone-beam ct based on interlacing-slit scan, chinese physics b, 2014, 23(9): 098106.

2.      k huang, d zhang, m li and h zhang, image lag modeling and correction method for flat panel detector in cone-beam ct, acta phys. sin., 2013, 62(21): 210702. (in chinese)

3.      k huang, d zhang, m li and h zhang, modeling and rapid optimization methods of exposure parameters for dr / ct imaging systems, chinese journal of scientific instrument, 2013, 34(5): 981-986. (in chinese)

4.      k huang, d zhang, m li and h zhang, cone-beam ct fast reconstruction method based on the minimum three dimensional convex hull for actual scan data, applied mechanics and materials, 2012, 229-231: 1819-1822.

5.      k huang, d zhang, f zha and m li, integrated method of enhancing image quality for fpd-based cone-beam computed tomography, key engineering materials, 2011, 474-476: 1277-1282.

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9.      k huang, d zhang, h mao and y liu, projection simulation of cone-beam ct for ideal functional material components, journal of computer-aided design & computer graphics, 2007, 19(2): 157-162. (in chinese)

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