liu, shu nuan


The basic information

liu, shu nuan

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Scientific Research


     Difficult-cutting material machining,  Computer Aided Process Planning


    National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2015

    National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010


Academic Achievements

(1) An analytical method for predicting the fluctuation of thrust force during drilling of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Journal of Composite Materials, 49(6),699-711, 2015SCI: 000350310600007

(2) Critical thrust force predicting modeling for delamination-free drilling of metal-FRP stacks. Composite Structures, vol. 107, pp. 604–609, 2014 (SCI: 000330493700058)

(3)Numerical simulation for delamination during drilling of CFRP/AL stack, Materials Research Innovations, 19S6-98 – S6-101, 2015, ( SCI: 000355618900025)

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Social Appointments

Project reviewer of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Scientific Research Foundation  for Returned Overseas Chiniese Scholars, State Enducation Ministy

Member of the Society of Advanced Material andProcess Engineering,SAMPE