Yongqian Li



The basic information

Yongqian Li

School of Mechanical Engineering




Scientific Research

1. Nansostructure and nanotechnologies:  Plasmonic optics, Metamaterials and metadevices, Microsensor and system.

2. Measurement technology and instrumentation: Photoelectric measurement theory and technology  

Admission Information

measurement technology and instrumentation, Manufacturing Engineering and Automation,Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems. 

Welcome students whose background is applied physics, materials physuics, Optical Information Science And Technology. Contact before decision.   

Education And Teaching

1. Course for Undergraduate Student:  

      Measurement techniques and instruments in mechanical engineering

2. Course for Postgraduate Student: 

       Introduction to optic-electronic measurement  

      Plasmonic optics in nanostructures:theory  and applications 

Education Experience

2011~2012: Visiting Scholar in Biomedical Engineering, UC Berkeley, USA

2003~2015: Postdoctor in the Micro system Center, Dalian University of Technology 

1998~2003: Doctor Degree, in mechanical design & manufacturing and automation,  Northwestern Polytechnology University 

1994~1998: Master Degree, in measurement technology and instrumentation, Northwestern Polytechnology University   

Academic Achievements

2015 papers in Journals:

1.Yongqian Li n, Lei Su, Xiaolun Xu, Chenglin Zhang, Binbin Wang,Energy conversion within infrared plasmonic absorption metamaterials for multi-band resonance,Optics Communications,Volume 342, 1 May 2015, Pages 247–252 (SCI,EI)

2. Xiaolun Xu, Yongqian Li, Binbin Wang, Zili Zhou. Prediction of Multiple Resonance Characteristics by an Extended RLC Circuit Model for Plasmonic s in Infrared, Optic Letter (online) 

2014 papers in Journals: 

1. Yongqian Li(黎永前), Binbin Wang(王斌斌), Xiaolun Xu(许小轮), and Lei Su(苏磊). Polarization sensitivity contributes to multiple band spectra of one mid-Infrared absorber. Chinese Optical Letter, 2014, Vol.12


LI Yong-qian,GUO Yong-jun,SU Lei,WANG Bin-bin, ZHU Zhen-yu, XU Zheng. Polarization-dependent absorption characteristics of rectangular-block metamaterials in the infrared region. Optics and Precision Engineering, 2014,Vol.22 (in Chinese)


Li Yongqian,Su Lei Wang Binbin Shou Chen. Optical Properties of Cross-shaped Metamaterial at Infrared Wavelengths, ACTA OPTICA SINICA, 2014, Vol.34:pp012300. (In Chinese)

2014 papers in conference:

1. Yongqian Li ; Binbin Wang ; Xiaolun Xu ; Lei Su.A Polarization-sensitive Mid-infrared Plasmonic Absorber for Multi-band Resonance.Proc. SPIE9099, Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing XI, 909913 (May 21, 2014);From SPIE Conference Volume 9099:Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing XI. David B. Chenault; Dennis H. Goldstein, Baltimore, Maryland, USA | May 05, 2014

2. Yongqian Li, Lei su, Binbin wang, Dual-Band Infrared Absorption in Symmetrical Perfect Absorber Metamaterials. The 5th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,May, 25-29.

2013 papers in Journals: 

1. 黎永前,苏磊,满力,寿宸,叶芳。微纳流体光波导技术及其在生物传感器中的应用,光学 精密工程,2013

2. 黎永前,李薇,郭勇君,苏磊 。硅基三维曲面湿法腐蚀复合制备方法,光学 精密工程,2013

3.Yongqian Li, Lei Su, Chen Shou, Chunmeng Yu, Jinjun Deng, Yu Fang.Surface-enhanced molecular spectroscopy (SEMS) based on perfect-absorber metamaterials in the mid-infrared.Scientific Reports,2013,Vol.3, P2865(SCI000325216100003)


2013 papers in conferences:

1. Yongqian Li, Lei Su, Binbin Wang, Yongjun Guo, Zhenyu Zhu, and Zili Zhou, ”Multiplex-bands spectral characteristics of infrared perfect absorber metamaterials,”Proc. SPIE8806, Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications VI, 880612 (September 11, 2013);http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.2022624(EI20135017066607)

2.Yongqian Li, Yongjun Guo, Lei Su, Binbin Wang, Zheng Xu, and Zili Zhou,“Plasmonic Absorption Nanoantenna for Frequency Selective Mid-Infrared Detection,”,Proc. SPIE8896, Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications X,88960E(October25,2013);http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.2031060(EI20135117093252)

Before 2013:

8. Junshan Liu, Hongchao Qiao, Chong Liu, Zheng Xu,Yongqian Li, Liding Wang Plasma assisted thermal bonding for PMMA microfluidic chips with integrated metal microelectrodes。Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical

9. 徐征,黎永前等,微管道壁面周期性突起对电泳分离流动特性影响研究,计算力学学报,2007年,Vol.24(1)

10. Yongqian Li,Liding Wang,Zheng Xu,Deviations of electroosmotic fluidic profile from electric double layer theory,1st IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (IEEE Cat No. 06EX1290C),2006,1:8~10,Zhuhai,China, SCI:000248485800029)

11. Li Yongqian,Liding Wang,Zheng Xu,Electric charge measurement on micro-particles suspending in electrokinetic microfluidic devices, IEEE International Conference On Nano/Micro Engineered And Molecular Systems(IEEECat No.06EX1290C), Vol.1-3, ZhuHai, Chian, Jan. 18~22, 2006 (SCI: 000248485800031)

12. 黎永前,徐征等,电动微流体显微粒子图像测速误差修正方法,大连理工大学学报.Vol. 46(5), 2006:685~689 (EI 065110316797)

13. 段仁庆,黎永前等,显微粒子图像测速计算方法,中国机械工程,2005,16:96~99,(EI 05349312944)

14. Li Yongqian, Xu Zheng, et al. Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Systems for Electrokinetic Microfluidic Devices, ISIST 2004, Xi’an, China, Aug.19~23. Vol.3:321~326. (ISIP: 000225098000063)

15. 黎永前,朱铭铨,相位偏移干涉测量中移相误差补偿技术研究,航空学报,2002,23(4): 381

16.Li Yongqian, Zhu Mingquan, Geometric And Thermal Error Synthesis Model For Nanometer Accuracy Measurement Systems, Proceedings .of the 6th Inter. Conf. on Pro.of Mach.Tech. (ICPMT’6), Xi’An, Shannxi, 14~16, Sept. 2002:230 (ISIP:000180780900042)

17. 黎永前,徐征等,电驱动微流体粒子图像测试系统,中国机械工程,2005,16:71~73(EI 05349312935)

18. 黎永前,李晓莹,朱铭铨,外差干涉非线性误差修正方法研究,西北工业大学学报, 2004, 22 (5): 622~625(EI 05038797820)

19. Li Yong-qian, Zhu Zhenyu, Li Xiaoying. Elimination of Reference Phase Errors in Phase Shiffting Interferometry,Measurement Science & Technology,2005,16:1335–1340 (SCI 000230735900016,EI 05249155655)

20. Li Yongqian, Zhu Mingquan, A New Compensation Method of Nonlinearity in Heterodyne Interferometer with Nanometric Accuracy, Procedings. of 2nd Inter. Sym. on Instrum. Sci. and Tech. (ISIST’2002), Jinan, China, Aug.18~22. Vol.3:83~88(EI 03427680093, ISIP:000180676200016)

21. LI Yong-qian, Xu Zheng et al. Study on Distribution of Electrokinetic Microfluid in Rectangular Microchannel,2004 International Symposium on Micro/ Nanomechatronics and Human Science, The Fourth Symposium “Micro- and Nano- Mechatronics for Information-Based Society” Oct.31~ Nov.3, 2004, Japan: 243~248 (EI 05289202536, ISIP:000227432400043)  

Social Appointments

1. General member  of Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

2. Advanced member of  Chinese Optical Society (COS) 


Team Information

2015, Sep.  Our Achievement on the multiple resonance characteristics for plasmonic metamaterials has been accepted by Optics Letter. 

2015, Aug.  We got the support from Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC ). It is our third fundings from NSFC. 

 2015, Aug.  Li attended the  The 6thinternational conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics,META15 in New York, USA

Conference web: http://metaconferences.org/ocs/index.php/META15/META15 

2014, June, Li attended  2014 SPIE DSS (Defense + Security) hold in Baltimore, USA 

Conference Link: http://spie.org/x108028.xml

2014, June, Li visited the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA  NIST web: http://www.nist.gov/

2014, June, Postgraduate student Binbin Wang attend the conference of META21014

Binbin's space in QQ: http://user.qzone.qq.com/373230624/blog/1402156522

2014, Jan. Achievement on Drude-Lorentz for the description of the perfect absorber metamaterials published in Acta Optica Sinica 

link: http://www.opticsjournal.net/abstract.htm?aid=OJ131205001029LhNkQn

2013, Sep. Achievements on  Surface-enhanced molecular spectroscopy published in Scientific Reports.  http://www.nature.com/srep/2013/131004/srep02865/full/srep02865.html

2013, Sep. Li attend the SPIE Optics + Photonics 2013 hold in San Diego.  Li was present in NanoScience+Engineering: Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications

2013, Aug.  Lei Su and Binbin Wang attended 2013 The Chinese optical society annual meeting 

2011,March, Li finished his visiting scholar from UC Berkeley in USA. Li's cooperator is prof.  Luke P. Lee in Biomedical Engineering. 

Luke's web: http://biopoets.berkeley.edu/

person's web: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Luke_Lee