Lyu Xiang lian


The basic information

Lyu Xiang lian

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Education Experience

Doctor of Philosophy, major in MEMS and Nano Technology

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Apr, 2005- Apr, 2011

Thesis: System-Level Hybrid Modeling and Optimization for Structural Complex MEMS

Master of Engineering, major in Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Sep, 2002-Apr, 2005

Thesis: Device Behavior Oriented Macromodeling for MEMS Devices

Bachelor of Engineering, major in Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Sep, 1998-Jul, 2002

Thesis: Multidisciplinary System Design of Micro-gyroscopes Based on GA 

Education And Teaching

Undergraduate Courses:   MATLAB and its Application

                                      MEMS Sensors and Actuators 

Graduate Courses:         An Introduction to Intellectual Property right

                                    An Introduction to MEMS

2007The work named ”Magic Pen” won 2st Prize of Chinese micro & nano innovation competition. The work was completed by 4 undergraduate students. And Ms. lv is the guidance teacher. 

Awards Information

2011, the 2nd Prize of State Technology Invention Award, Rank 5 (The award is one of the highest awards in China for scientific research, and it’s only awarded to individuals by the State Council. We won the award with our project of “Pan-structure design methodology and technology of microelectromechanical systems”)

2009, the 1st Prize of Shaanxi Province Technology Invention Prize, Rank 4 (The award is awarded by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province)

2008, the 1st Prize of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Technology Invention Prize, Rank 4 (The award is awarded by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society) 

Academic Achievements


1.   Lv Xianglian, He YangLi Qiang. Blood clotting experiments and analysis of micro/nano hierarchical structure on the silicon surface. 3rd International Conference of the Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology. Nov, 2012. Hangzhou, China (Language: English)

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