huang xin chun


The basic information

huang xin chun

School of Power and Energy



Assistant Researcher

Education Experience

2009.092014.04, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Doctor of Mechanism Design Manufacturing and Automatization

2014.07today, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Post-doctoral of Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace.

Scientific Research

Main research direction: the grinding technology of aviation difficult-to-machine materials, surface integrity control, anti-fatigue manufacturing mechanism and method of research.

Participate in the project:

1. Project leader-The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities: “ Research on surface integrity control method of the aircraft engine blade in robot polishing ”;

2.Project leader- The cooperation study with Xi 'an air power co., LTD: “Research on the mechanical processing technology of titanium aluminum alloy”;

3.Principal of the actual research work-The national 973 project: “Research on the process of  surface integrity and the mechanism of fatigue ”;

4.Principal of the actual research work- Cooperation XX pre-research project with Avic xi 'an aircraft industry (group) co., LTD: “Research on low stress grinding method of XX surface integrity ”.

Academic Achievements

1. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang. Simulation of Effect of Milling Parameters on Milling Force in High-speed Milling of Titanium Alloy TC4. ICECE.2010.06.

2. Xinchun Huang, Changfeng Yao, Dinghua Zhang. Simulation of The High-speed Milling Temperature of Titanium Alloy Ti - 6Al - 4V. Advanced Materials Research. Vols.314-316.

3. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Changfeng Yao, Jingxin Ren. Effects of Grinding Parameters on Surface Integrity of GH4169 Nickel-based Superalloy. Journal of Aerospace Power.2012. pp: 621-628

4. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Changfeng Yao, Jingxin Ren. Research on the grinding burn of the ultrahigh strength steel AerMet100. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.2015.09.pp: 184-190

5. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Zhenchao Yang, Jingxin Ren, Changfeng Yao. Study of Sensitivity of Parameters Affecting Surface Roughness in Grinding Superalloy GH4169. Aviation manufacturing technology. 2012.08.pp:83-86.91

6. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Changfeng Yao, Jingxin Ren. Research on High-efficient and Anti-fatigue Grinding Machining Techonlogy. Aviation precision manufacturing technology. 2011.06.Vol.47 No.3.pp:1-4.7

7. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Changfeng Yao, Jingxin Ren. A study of the influence surface characteristics on grinding GH4169 superalloy. China Mechanical Engineering. 2014.1252):210-214

8. Xinchun Huang, Pei Chen, Dinghua Zhang. A metallographic sample polishing machine. The invention patent :ZL 201110100616.2

9. Xinchun Huang, Dinghua Zhang, Jingxin Ren. Used for vacuum impregnation equipment maceration grinding wheel. The patent for utility model:ZL201120062488.2