Xiuquan HUANG


The basic information

Xiuquan HUANG

School of Power and Energy



Associate Professor



Education Experience

PhD, University of Durham, UK, 2006

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2001

BSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1998 

Scientific Research

1. Turbomachinery Aerodynamic Design (0D/1D/2D/3D)

2. Turbomachinery Flutter Prediction

3. Computational Fluid Dynamics 

Academic Achievements

Journal Publications:

1. X.Q Huang, X. Zhang and H.M. Zhang. Blade Flutter Prediction Method Based on Hybrid unsteady/steady flow Analyses in a Multi-Stage Environment. Journal of Engineering Thermo-Physics,2014, 25(7): 1304-1308.(In Chinese)

2. X.Q Huang, H. Wu and J.G. Yang. Adjoint Equations Deduction of Three-Dimensional Inverse Method and Its Application in Turbomanchines. Journal of Engineering Thermo-Physics, 2012, 33(11): 1876-1880.(In Chinese)

3. X.Q Huang, L. He and D.L. Bell. Experimental and Computational Study of Oscillating Turbine Cascade and Influence of Part-span Shrouds. Journal of Fluid Engineering, Transactions of ASME, 2009, 131(5): 051102.

4. X.Q. Huang, X.H. Zhou. Numerical Study of Wake/Shock Interaction in Oscillating cascade. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2009, 24(1): 132-136. (In Chinese)

5. X.Q Huang, L. He and D.L. Bell.Effects of Tip Clearance on Aerodynamic Damping in a Linear Turbine Cascade.AIAAJournal of Propulsion and Power, 2008, 24(1): 26-33.

6. X.Q. Huang, X.H. Zhou. Unsteady Flow Analysis in Oscillating Cascade Using Fourier -Transform Based Method. Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2008, 26(3): 257-361. (In Chinese)

7. X.Q. Huang, L. He and D.L. Bell. Influence of Upstream Stator on Rotor Flutter Stability in a Low Pressure Steam Turbine Stage. IMechE Journal of Power and Energy, 2006, 220(1): 25-35.