xu ying qiang



The basic information

xu ying qiang

School of Mechanical Engineering




Awards Information

1.Research on advanced gear meshing theory and engineering application,2011,Shaanxi,second prize of science and technology.
2.Advanced geometry design of the gear meshing transmission and performance analysis method,2009,second prize of the ministry of education natural science.

Scientific Research

Major research direction

1.Theories and methods of modern design:Research on the high strength and quantitative life prediction, failure analysis, reliability design and manufacturing methods for aerial power transmission system and electromechanical system.
2.Computer aided design and virtual prototype of mechanical system: Research on simulation methods of function and performance for electromechanical system considering thermal mechanical coupling and multi-field coupling
3.Vibration, noise and control technology of mechanical system: Research on the noise generation, transmission and control methods for the mechanical system using the combination of theory and experiment method.
4.New and high technology research on modern vehicles: Aimed at the development trends of new energy vehicles, research on efficient driving technology, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell high reliability design techniques.
5.Advanced technology of new type vehicles: Research on non-metallic, lightweight design, collision avoidance, shock absorption, noise reduction, online real-time breakdown and operating stability control technology for new type vehicles.

Research projects(project leader)

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, The shakedown of thermal barrier coating under cyclic thermal loading(10672134)
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Mechanical characteristic of micro-contact anti-fatigue of roughness surfaces with toughening layer(5875214)
3. National Natural Science Foundation of China, The mechanism of instability of coat interface thermal growth and residual strain evolution of micro-region(11072196)
4. Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China, Evolution of micro residual strain of electrolyte interface region and the mechanism of performance degradation of SOFC (2015JM1009)
5. Aeronautical Science Foundation of China, Design criteria of aeronautical transmission contact component under high speed, heavy load and small size with shakedown theory
6. Horizontal project:Research on the reliability of non-standard cylindrical gear
7. Horizontal project:Design on the driving system of a type  

Academic Achievements

1. Strength degradation and lifetime prediction of dental zirconia ceramics under cyclic normal loading. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 26 (2015) S129–S137.
2. Multilevel contact model of elastic-plastic loading and unloading on rough surface. China surface engineering,2015, 28:39-46.
3. Shakedown analysis of thermal barrier coatings based on cylinder model .Chinese journal of theoretical and applied mechanics, 2015 ,47:779-788.
4. Prediction Method of the White Layer Thickness in Hard Cutting. Journal of mechanical engineering. 2015, 51:182-189.
5.Analysis of thermal creep stress evolution around micro-interfacial regions in thermal barrier coatings. Chinese journal of solid mechanics,2014, 35:391-399.
6. Key technology research of long tooth and large bottom clearance gear with high bending bearing capacity. Journal of mechanical strength, 2014,36(5):803-808.
7.Thermal stress analysis of a micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell. Chinese journal of power sources,2013,137:1374-1376.
8.The Design Method of Non-standard Gear Specimen Based on Gear Contact Tester. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering,2013,32:452-456.
9.Simple shakedown of structures under variable multi-loadings. Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, APR2008. No.2(SCI:000257548600006;EI:20091912075335)
10.Study on the shakedown of strain-hardening structures. Acta mechanic solida sinica.2007.Vol.28(3) .pp.229-234.(EI: 20074310888374)
11.Numerical method for residual stress of gear in shakedown. Engineer mechanics, 2008,25(10).(EI: 20084611708169)
12.Analysis of Interfacial Residual Stress in Thermal Barrier Coatings Containing Oxidation- resistance Interlayer. China mechanical engineering, 2008,19(16 )(EI:20084011607059)
13.The Determination and Change Regularity of Contact Position Between Drum and Lining of Drum Brake, Automotive engineering,2010,32(5),(EI:20102713051223)

Social Appointments

1.Session Chair of 2009 IMCC.
2.Member of Shaanxi automobile engineering association.
3.Senior member of Chinese mechanical engineering society.
4.Member of China mechanical association.