Yan Hong



The basic information

Yan Hong

School of Power and Energy




Vice Dean



Work Experience

2010.12-presentProfessor, Northwestern Polytechnical University, School of Power and Energy, China

2005.05-2010.11Research professorWright State University, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, USA 

1999.09-2005.04Associate research professor, Rutgers University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, USA

1997.09-1999.08, Postdoctor, Tsinghua University, Deparment of Engineering mechanics, China

Education Experience

1997, Ph.D, The School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China 

1994, ME, The School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University,  China  

1991, BE, The School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China 

Education And Teaching

Teaching courses

Course for undergraduates: Introduction to computational fluid dynamics (in English)

Course for postgraduates: Turbulence mechanics (in English), Turbulence theory (in English), Supersonic flow and its control method (in English)

Admission Information

For graduate students:

Theory and Engineering of Aeronautical and Astronautical Propulsion 

Engineering Thermophysics

Awards Information

Best paper, “Control of High-Speed Aerodynamic Interaction by Pulsed Energy Deposition”, 

The 2nd Annual Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium, Dayton, OH, Oct 2006.

Scientific Research

Research interest

The mechanism, method and application of the supersonic and hypersonic flow

The flow control mechanism of plasma

Computational fluid dynamics

Computational combustion

High precision numerical scheme

High performance large scale parallel computing

Research projects

1.  Co-Principal Investigator, "Development and Application of Aeroengine Combustion Numerical Simulation Software System", awarded by National Key Research and Development Project on High Performance Computing, 2017.07-2021.06.

2. Principal Investigator, "Experimental and Theoretical Study of Particles with high Temperature and Speed Impinging onto Surface", awarded by the Science Challenge Program, 2016.09-2017.12.

3. Principal Investigator, "Mechanism and law of Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction Instability Control", awarded by the National Science Foundation of China, 2017.01-2020.12.  

4. Principal Investigator,  5 projects awarded by National High Technology Research and Development Program, 2012.01-2016.12

5. Principal Investigator, “Mechanisms of Thermal Actuator in High-Speed Jets Control”, awarded by the National Natural Science Fundation of China, 2012.01-2015.12

6. Principal Investigator,  “Laser Energy Deposition in Drag and Thermal Load Reduction of Hypersonic Flights”, awarded by the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, 2011.11-2013.10

7. Principal Investigator, 9 projects awarded by Air Force Research Laboratory of United States, 1999-2010

Academic achievements

70+ paper are published, of which 30+ are indexed by EI, 10+ are indexed by SCI。

Selected publications:

1. Yan, H.,  Liu, F., Xu, J. and Xue Y., "Study of Oblique Shock Wave Control by Surface Arc Discharge Plasma", AIAA Journal,Vol.56, No.2, February 2018,pp.532-541. SCI(000423512500008) 

2. Zhao, W., Yan, H., Li, Q. B. and Xu, K., "Unified gas-kinetic scheme for diatomic molecular flow with translational, rotational, and vibrational modes", Journal of Computational Physics. Volume 350, 1 December 2017, pp. 237-259. SCI(000413379000012)

3. Shi, J. C., Yan, H., Bai, G. G. and Lin, K., "Effect of Thermal Actuator on Vortex Characteristics in Supersonic Shear Layer", 2017-2640774, AVIATION 2017-AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum, Denver, Colorado, USA., Jun 5-9, 2017. EI(20172903948746)

4. Yan, H., Liu, F. and Xu, J., “Investigation on Oblique Shock Wave Control by Surface Arc Discharge Plasma”ICAS 2016Daejeon, Korea, September 25-30, 2016. EI(20170903387019)

5. Yan, H., Liu, F. and Xu, J., “Oblique Shock Control by Surface Arc Discharge Plasma”, AIAA-2016-3776, AIAA Aviation 2016, Washington, D.C., June 13-17, 2016. EI(20163202681662)

6. Yan, H. and Lin, K.,“Control Mechanism of Thermal Actuator in Supersonic Round Jet”, Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol.47, No.4,2015,pp.557-570. EI(20153201110809)

7. Yan, H. and Wang, S., “Effect of Constant Pressure Specific Heat in Shock Wave Control Using Surface Discharge”, Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol.47, No.1,2015,pp.51-60. EI(20151000594313)

8. Yan, H. and Gaitonde, D., “Parametric Study of Pulsed Thermal Bumps in Supersonic Boundary Layer”, Shock Waves, Vol.21, No.5, 2011, pp.411-423. SCI(ISI:000294260900002)

9. Yan, H. and Gaitonde, D., “Effect of Thermally-Induced Perturbation in Supersonic Boundary Layer”, Physics of Fluids, Vol.22, 064101, June 2010. SCI(ISI:000280143100019)

10. Yan, H., Boguszko, M., Adelgren, R., Elliott, G. and Knight, D., “Laser Energy Deposition in Quiescent Air”, AIAA Journal, Vol.41, No.10, Oct. 2003, pp.1988-1995. SCI(ISI:000185612300015)

11. Knight, D., Yan, H., Panaras, A. and Zheltovodov, A. A., “Advances in CFD Prediction of Shock Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions”, Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol.39, Issues 2-3, February, 2003, pp.121-184. SCI(ISI:000181909900002)

Social Appointments

Director, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Internal Aerodynamics in Aero-engines

Associate Fellow, AIAA

TC Member, European conference for aeronautics and space sciences

Editorial Board Member, Physics of Gases