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Yanning Zhang

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Scientific Research

        Yanning Zhang is Professor and Dean of School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU). Her other titles include "Changjiang River Scholar Professor", "Chief of 973  National Defense Project" and "One of First 10,000 Technical Innovation Pioneers of CPC's Organization Department". She has a long-term work on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Intelligent Information Processing.

Work Experience

2012.12-Now   School of Computer Science, NWPU   Dean  
2011.10-2012.12   School of Computer Science, NWPU  Executive Vice-Dean  
2010.05-2011.10  School of Computer Science, NWPU   Vice-Dean 
2010.05-2011.10   School of Software and Microelectronics, NWPU  Vice-Dean  
2003.10-2010.05   Department of Computer Information Engineering, NWPU  Department Director 
2000.11-Now  Shaanxi Province Key Laboratory of Speech & Imaging Information Processing  Dean 
1999.12-2002.03  Department of Computer, NWPU  Second Post Doc. 
1996.12-1999.12  National Lab of Radar Signal Processing, Xidian University  Post Doc. 
1990.09-1996.10   Department of Electricity Engineering/School of Navigation  Ph. D.  
2012.11-2012.12  Universiteit Brussel , Belgium  Senior Visiting Fellow 
2011.02-2011.03  Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan   Visiting Professor  
2004.10-2004.11  The Chinese University of Hong Kong    Visiting Researcher   
2001.09-2001.12  The University of Sydney, Australia   Senior Visiting Scholar 
2000.05-2000.11 The Chinese University of Hong Kong    Senior Visiting Scholar   

Awards Information

Research Awards:

Awarded ONE 1st Prize of National Teaching Achievement as the Principal Person

Awarded THREE 2nd Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress as the Principal Person

Awarded TWO 2nd Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress as the 2nd or 3rd Person

Awarded TWO 3rd Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress as the 2nd or 3rd Person  

Personal Honor:

2011:  the Advanced Individual Award on 863 Science and Technology State Key Development byGeneralArmamentDepartment 

2013: Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award

2014: One of First 10,000 Technical Innovation Pioneers Award by CPC's Organization Department

2014: Changjiang River Scholar Professor Award

Social Appointments

The 7th Discipline Appraisal Group Member of the State Council Degree Committee

Council member of The China Society of  Computer

Executive Director of Chinese Society for Stereology

Council member of The China Society of Image and Graphics

Council member of The Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

Committee member of The Chinese Institute of Electronics, Signal Processing

IET Xi'an Deputy Secretary General

Neurocomputing Guest Editor

ACCV2009 Organizing Committee Chair

ICME2012 Publicity Committee Chair

Program Committee Chair of ICIG2009, APSIPA ASC2011 and IScIDE2011

Academic Achievements

Recent Selected Journal Publication

Zhang Haichao, Wipf David, Zhang Yanning. Multi-Observation Blind Deconvolution with an Adaptive Sparse Prior[J]. IEEE Trans on Pattern Analysis And Machine Intellience, 2014, 36(8): 1628-1643 (SCI: 000340191900011)
Haichao Zhang, Yanning Zhang, Nasser M.Nasrabadi, Thomas S Huang. Joint-Structured-Sparsity-Based Classification for Multiple-Measurement Transient Acoustic Signals[J]. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2012, 42(6): 1586-1598.(SCI: 000311353700007)
Haichao Zhang, Yanning Zhang, Haisen Li and Thomas S. Huang, Generative Bayesian Image Super-Resolution with Natural Image Prior, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing (IEEE TIP), 2012, (99):1-12. (SCI:000307896800019)
Haichao Zhang, Yanning Zhang, and Thomas S. Huang. Simultaneous discriminative projection and dictionary learning for sparse representation based classification [J]. Pattern Recognition, 2013, 46(1): 346-354 (SCI: 000309785000030)
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Zhou Xiangzeng, Xie Lei, Huang Qiang, Cox StephenJ, Zhang Yanning. Tennis Ball TrackingUsing a Two-Layered Data Association Approach[J]. IEEE Trans on Multimedia, 2015, 17(2): 145-156 (SCI: 000348210500001)
Chen Hongjie, Xie Lei, Feng Wei, Zheng Lilei, Zhang Yanning. Topic segmentation on spoken documents using self-validated acousticcuts[J]. Soft Computing, 2015, 19(1): 47-59 (SCI: 000347407500006)
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Recent Selected Conference Publication

H. Zhang, J. Yang, Y. Zhang, N. M. Nasrabadi, T. S. Huang Close the Loop: Joint Blind Image Restoration and Recognition with Sparse Representation Prior, ICCV2011, Best Student Paper

H. Zhang, N. M. Nasrabadi, T. S. Huang, Y. Zhang Heterogenous Multi-Metric Learning for Multi-Sensor Fusion, FUSION2011, Honorable Mention Student Paper Award

L. Zhang, W. Wei, Y. Zhang, F. Li, Chunhua Shen, Qinfeng Shi Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing Using Manifold-Structured Sparsity Prior, ICCV2015

Y. Zhu, Y. Zhang, B. Bonev, A. L. Yuille Modeling deformable gradient compositions for single-image super-resolution, CVPR 2015

L. Zhang, W. Wei, Y. Zhang, C. Tian, F. Li Reweighted laplace prior based hyperspectral compressive sensing for unknown sparsity, CVPR 2015

X. Zhou, L. Xie, P. Zhang, Y. Zhang Online Object Tracking Based on CNN with Metropolis-Hasting Re-Sampling ACMMM2015

Y. Zhu, Y. Zhang, A. L. Yuille Single Image Super-resolution Using Deformable Patches, CVPR 2014

H. Li, Y. Zhang, J. Sun, D. Gong Joint Motion Deblurring with Blurred/Noisy Image Pair, ICPR 2014

Y. Hou, Y. Zhang Effective hyperspectral image block compressed sensing using thress-dimensional wavelet transform, IGARSS2014

L. Zhang, Y. Zhang, W. Wei, F. Li 3D total variation hyperspectral compressive sensing using unmixing, IGARSS2014

T. Zhuo, P. Zhang, Y. Zhang, W. Huang, H. Sahli Object Tracking using Reformative Transductive Learning with Sample Variational Correspondence ACMMM2014

T. Yang, Y. Zhang, J. Yu, J. Li, W. Ma, X. Tong, R. Yu, L. Ran All-In-Focus Synthetic Aperture Imaging Computer Vision, ECCV 2014

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R. Yao, Q. Shi, C. Shen, Y. Zhang, A. van den Hengel Part-Based Visual Tracking with Online Latent Structural Learning, CVPR2013