zhao xiao nan



The basic information

zhao xiao nan

School of Computer Science



Associate Professor

Education And Teaching


Apr, 2004-Dec, 2010   Northwestern Polytechnical University

 PH.D, Computer Sience and Technology

Dissertation Topic: Research on Key Technologies of Hierarchical Storage Management System

Sep, 2001-Apr,2004    Northwestern Polytechnical University

M.S., Computer Science and Technology

Dissertation Topic: Research on SAN Management System-Design and Implementation of Backup and Resume

Sep, 1997- Jul, 2001   Northwestern Polytechnical University

B.S., Computer Science and Technology



            Introduction to Computer Science, Undergraduate oriented

                Fall 2006~2012

            C Programming Language, Undergraduate oriented

                 Spring 2012

            Software Technology(Database part), Undergraduate oriented

                Fall 2012, Fall 2013

            Massive Data Storage and Management Technology, Undergraduate oriented

                 Spring 2014, Spring 2015

            System Analysis and Performance Evaluation, Graduate oriented

                 Spring 2015

Scientific Research

Research Projects:

1. Research on elasticity management of none-masterslave cloud storage system, National Natural Science Foundation of China Under Grant No.61502392, host, 2016.1~2018.12.

2. Research on full-data based cloud storage system real-time performance modeling theory and technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.61472323, participate, 2015.1~2018.12.

3. Cloud computing testing and evaluation system research and development, National 863 Project under Grant No.2013AA01A215, participate, 2013.1~2015.12.

4. Low energy-consumption storage devices development and industrialize, National  Industry Innovation Foundation under Grant No.2011BAH04B05, participate, 2011.9~2013.9.

5. Storage system testing and evaluation of technologies and platforms, National 863 Project under Grant No.2009AA01A404, participate, 2009.1~2011.12.

6. Development of evaluation tool for cloud storage system, Supported by HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., host, 2012.3~2012.10.

Academic Achievements

Main Publications  

1. Zhao Xiaonan, Zhang Xiao, Li Zhanhuai, An Elasticity Evaluation Model for Cloud Storage System, Proceeding of 2014 International Conference on Network Security and Communication Engineering, Hong Kong, 2014.12.25-2014.12.26, page 127-132 .

2. Zhang XiaoGuo WanLi ZhanhuaiZhao XiaonanQin XiaoA Framework to Measure Storage Utilization in Cloud Storage SystemsProceeding of 19th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications,  Bali2014.4.21-2014.4.24page 179-191.

3. Zhang xiao , Lu JianjunQin XiaoZhao XiaonanA high-level energy consumption model for heterogeneous data centersSimulation Modelling Practice and Theory2013Vol 39, page 41-55.

4. Wang HuifengLi ZhanhuaiZhao XiaonanHe QinluSun JianEvaluating the Energy Consumption of InfiniBand Switch Based on Time SeriesProceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Network, CENet 2013, Shanghai2013.7.20-2013.7.21, page 963-970.

5. Zhang XiaoZhao XiaonanStorage System Optimization in Data-Intensive EnvironmentProceeding of 2011 International Conference on Computer and Management, CAMAN 20112011.5.19-2011.5.21.

6. Zhao XiaonanLi ZhanhuaiZhang XiaoZeng LeijieBlock-Level Data Migration in Tiered Storage, In the proceeding of International Conference on Computer and Network Technology (ICCNT 2010), Bangkok, Thailand, April 23-25, 2010, page 181185.

7. Zhao XiaonanLi ZhanhuaiZeng LeijieFDTM: Block Level Data Migration Policy in Tiered Storage System. To be appeared in 7th IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC 2010), Zhengzhou, China, Septermber 13-15, 2010. LNCS, Volume 6289/2010, page 76-90.

8. Zhang Xiao, Zhao XiaonanLi YiZeng LeijieKey Technologies for Green Data Center 2010 Third International Symposium on Information Processing (ISIP), Qingdao, 2010.11.12-2010.11.14, page 477-480.

9. Leijie Zeng; Yanyuan Zhang; Xiaonan Zhao, "Storage Performance Optimization Based on ARIMA," in Database Technology and Applications, 2009 First International Workshop on , 2009.4.25-26, page 377-381.

10.Leijie Zeng; Yanyuan Zhang; Xiaonan Zhao, "An Improved Approach on B Tree Management for NAND Flash-Memory Storage Systems," in Information Engineering, 2009. ICIE '09. WASE International Conference on , vol.1, no., 2009.7. 10-11, page 443-447.

11. Xiaonan Zhao, Zhanhuai Li, Leijie Zeng, A Hierarchical Storage Strategy Based on Block-Level Data Valuation, In the proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management 2008 NCM '08. Volume 1, September 2008, page 3641. 



1. Xiaonan Zhao Xiao Zhang Zhanhuai Li,  Leijie Zeng, Technique Of Data Backup Accelerating In Cloud Storage System, CN103902410A, accepted and reviewed, Jul 2, 2014.

2. Xiao Zhang, Xiaonan Zhao, Zhanhuai Li, Ani Li, A Cloud Computing System Availability Evaluation Method, CN104780075A, accepted and reviewed, Jul 15, 2015.

3. Xiao Zhang, Xiaonan Zhao, Yanbing Zhu, Zhanhuai Li, One Method Of Thin Provisioning Implementation For Storage System, CN104820575A, accepted and reviewed, Aug 5, 2015.

General Introduction

 I am a lecturer in Northwestern Polytechnical University Xi'an China, and I am a member of CCF TCIST (China Computer Federation Technical Committee of Information Storage Technology).   I got my Doctor’s degree in Computer Science and technology from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2010. I had studied ILM(Information Lifecycle Managment) valuation model,  performance prediction and optimization technologies for block-level hierarchical storage system and my current research focuses on cloud storage system elasticity modeling and evaluation techniques, performance optimization and distributed file system metadata management.

  In addition, I had several years of software production development experience because our department had cooperated with some enterprises including NEC, HUAWEI and finished several storage system management related projects. I had been supported by NEC to study software development skills for 6 months in Hirosima. So, I kept learning Japanese for about three years,  and I became enjoying watching Japanese animations and listening to Japanese pop songs .