li tao


The basic information

li tao

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Awards Information

Drafted in 2006 as lead authors of the Shaanxi Provincial human resource planning research report by the Ministry of personnel Eleven-Five "fifth national personnel of scientific research" award. Has won a provincial railway society best paper award, the second prize of scientific and technological achievements such as one or two. 

Scientific Research

1. Manufacturing Automation and Information

Manufacturing automation and Informatization is the automation technology, information technology, business management technology combined with advanced manufacturing technologies, improve enterprise operation and management, product development and production and so on each link, increase production efficiency, product quality and innovation capacity of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of manufacturing industry.

2. Business Management

At present, mainly in the direction of human resource management research, bear management consulting issues. 

Academic Achievements

1. Tao Li, Runxiao Wang, et al. A New Approach to Achieve Lean Production in Workshop-Production Preparation Package[A], Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and TechnologyⅡ[J], Volume: 532-533: P1036-1039. Xi'an, 2006. ISTP:000245349600260 EI:080711100251

2. Tao Li , Runxiao Wang.  Equipment management system based on LonWorks design and implementation – a case study of water and electricity equipment [j]. manufacturing automation, 2006 (10): P37-48.

3. Tao Li , Runxiao Wang . Thinking of natural monopoly enterprises ' performance management FAQ [j]. productivity, 2007 (15): P110-111.

4. Tao Li , Feng Zhou. Based on condition monitoring of tool control and management integration system [j]. tool technology, 2008 (01): P74-76.