Jialu Hu



The basic information

Jialu Hu

School of Computer Science



Associate Professor

Education And Teaching

Aug. 2004  -  July 2008    Bachelor      Xidian University

Aug. 2008  -  July 2010    Mastor         Xidian University

Sep. 2010  -  Dec. 2014    Ph.D.            Free University  Berlin

Mar. 2015  -  Mar. 2016    Postdoc       Oregon State University

Scientific Research

Please visit the homepage of our group at www.nwpu-bioinformatics.com.

Research interests:

Algorithms design and implementation

Bioinformatics and Computational biology

Data mining 

Science of big data

Academic Achievements

Updated on April 26, 2018

[14] Jialu Hu, Yiqun Gao, Xuequn Shang, KF-finder: Identification of key factors from host-microbial networks in cervical cancer, BMC Systems Biology, 2018, 12(S4):54

[13] Jialu Hu,Yan Zheng, and Xuequn Shang, MiteFinderII: A novel tool to identify miniature inverted-repeat transposable elementshidden in eukaryotic genomes, accepted, BMC Medical Genomics, 2018

[12]  Jialu Hu, Xuequn Shang, Detection of Network Motif Based on A Novel Graph Canonization Algorithm from Transcriptional Regulation Networks, Molecules 2017, 22(12), 2194

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