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The basic information

zhang wei wei

School of Aeronautics




Vice Dean

Work Experience

Education And Teaching

May 2013 to present

Professor, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

May 2012 to April 2013

Senor honorary research ,college of engineering, University of Liverpool

May 2008 to 2013

Associate Professor, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

March 2007 to April 2008

Lecture, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

December 2006 to February 2007

Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

Ph.D. 2003-2006, Aeroelasticity, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

Dissertation Title, “Efficient Analysis for Aeroelasticity Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics”

M.Sc. 2001-2004, Aeroelasticity, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

B.Sc. 1997-2001, Aerodynamics, College of Aeronautics, NPU.

Scientific Research

1.        Weiwei Zhang, Xiaobo Liu, Jian Zhai, and Zhengyin Ye. Experimental study on side force alleviation of conical forebody with a fluttering flag. Phys of Fluids, 2012, 24, 12, 4105-1~4105-11.SCI/EI

2.        Weiwei Zhang, Bobin Wang, Zhengyin Ye. Highly Efficient Numerical Method for Limit Cycle Flutter Analysis Based on Nonlinear Aerodynamic Reduced-Order Models. AIAA Journal, 2012, 50 (5): 1019-1028. (SCI/EI)

3.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye. Effect of Control Surface on Airfoil Flutter in Transonic Flow, Acta Astronautica, 2010, 66:999-1007. (SCI/EI)

4.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye, Chen-an Zhang, Feng Liu. Supersonic Flutter Analysis Based on Local Piston Theory. AIAA Journal, 2009, 47(10):2321-2328. (SCI/EI)

5.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye, Chen-An Zhang. Aeroservoelastic Analysis for Transonic missile Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics. Journal of Aircraft, 2009, 46(6):2178-2183. (SCI/EI)

6.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye. Reduced-Order-Model-Based Flutter Analysis at High Angle of Attack. Journal of Aircraft, 2007, 44(6): 2086-2089. (SCI/EI)

7.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye. Control Law Design for Transonic Aeroservoelasticity. Aerospace Science and Technology, 2007, 11(2-3):136-145. (SCI/EI)

8.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye. Two better loosely coupled solution algorithms of CFD based aeroelastic simulation. Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics. 2007, 1(4): 253-262. (SCI/EI)

9.        Weiwei Zhang, Zhengyin Ye, Qing Yang, Aiming Shi. Gust Response Analysis Using CFD-Based Reduced Order Models, AIAA 2009-895, 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including The New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition 5 - 8 January 2009, Orlando, Florida.

Song, Shufang, Lu, Zhenzhou, Zhang, Weiwei, Cui, LijieUncertainty Importance Measure by Fast Fourier Transform for Wing Transonic Flutter, Journal of Aircraft, 2011, 48(2), pp 449-455.

Academic Achievements