Fu li



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Fu li

Institute of Flexible Electronics




Party Secretary

Work Experience

04/1993 -12/1995, Northwestern Polytechnical University,Assistant Professor

01/1996-12/1999, Northwestern Polytechnical University,Lecture

01/2000-04/2006, Northwestern Polytechnical University,Associate Processor

05/2006-present, Northwestern Polytechnical University,Professor

07/2006-9/2013, Northwestern Polytechnical University Deputy Director of HR Department

10/2013-present,  Northwestern Polytechnical University Deputy Director of Academic Affairs office

10/2004-10/2005, Technische Universitat Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, Visiting scholar 

09/2011-10/2011, Michigan State University, the United State, Visiting professor

01/2015-02/2015, Osaka University, Japan, Visiting professor


Education Experience

09/1986-07/1990,  Northwestern Polytechnical University, Bachelor of Engineering, Majoring in Welding Technology and Equipment  

09/1990-03/1993,  Northwestern Polytechnical University, Master 0f Engineering, Majoring in Welding Technology and Equipment

03/2000-01/2003,  Northwestern Polytechnical University, Doctor 0f Engineering, Majoring in Materials Processing Engineering  

Education And Teaching

Responsible for the teaching and guidance work of graduate students, undergraduates and Master of Engineeringin the field of materials and engineering. The main courses includes : 

1, Undergraduate course "Electronic packaging and micro connection" 

2, Postgraduate course  "Functional Materials Performance and Testing"

3, Doctoral course "Physical basis of advanced welding technology" 

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