geng jun hao


The basic information

geng jun hao

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Scientific Research

(1) computer aided manufacturing process innovation.

(2) digital assembly technology for aircraft.

(3) product lifecycle management.

(4) micro-machining and combined machining.

Academic Achievements

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[2] geng junhao*, zhang sumei, yang bin, a publishing method of lightweight 3d assembly instruction for complex products, journal of computing and information science in engineering, 2015, 15(3), pp. 1-12.
[3] wang gangfeng, tian xitian, geng junhao *, guo biao, a knowledge accumulation approach based on bilayer social wiki network for computer-aided process innovation, international journal of production research, 2015, 53(8), pp. 2365-2382.
[4] jianjun tang, xitian tian, junhao geng*, sensitivity analysis of deviation source for fast assembly precision optimization, mathematical problems in engineering, 2014, 2014, 1-7.
[5] gangfeng wang, xitian tian, junhao geng*, optimal selection method of process patents for technology transfer using fuzzy linguistic computing, mathematical problems in engineering, 2014, 2014, pp. 1-10.
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