Gou Bingchen



The basic information

Gou Bingchen

School of Mechanical Engineering




Scientific Research

1. Digitalized Industrial Design

2. Ergonomic Design and Simulation

3. Design Optimization and Engineering

Academic Achievements

1、Gou Bingchen, Ye Zhou, Suihuai Yu and Weiwei Wang, Research on Semantic-driven Intelligent Color Design Basing on DNN. 2011 International Conference on Future Information, Singapore, IPCSIT vol.13 (2011), P218-222.

2、Gou Bingchen, Yu Suihuai, Pu Zhe. Research on 3D Reconstruction of Single Image Basing on Perspective Grid. Chinese Journal of Application Research of Computers. 2006.12, Vol.23, P1710-1711.

3、GOU Bing-Chen, QIAO Cai-Yan, LU Chang-De. Research on Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID) System Development Based on CAXA. Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Industrial Design, Hangzhou, China.), Edited by Yunhe Pan etc. China Machine Press, November 2006, Volume 2/2, P.543-547.

4、Gou Bingchen, Zhou Xian, Yu Suihuai, the Key Technology of Multi-Target Evaluation Digitized Industrial Design, Chinese Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, 2005, Vol.41, No.29, P.107-109.

5、Gou Bingchen, Song Mingxuan, Yu Suihuai, Lu Changde, Research on 3-Dimensional Human-Machine Design and Evaluation System, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2005, Vol.24, No.10, P.1154-1157.

Social Appointments

Member of China Industrial Design Association

Member of China Mechanical Engineering Society