Huashan Feng


The basic information

Huashan Feng

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Education Experience

B.S., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Mechatronics, 1998

M.S., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Mechatronics, 2004

Ph.D., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Mechatronics, 2009 

Scientific Research

1. Robotics

2. Bionic Robots

3. Soft Robots

4. Manufacturing Equipment Design 

Academic Achievements

1. Construction of Central Pattern Generator for Quadruped Locomotion Control. IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), 2008.

2. Research on the Balance Method of Static Gait for Quadruped Robot over a Slope. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aaerospace Engineering, 2009.

3. Advances in Research of Stereo Vision Odometry. Robot, 2011.

4. Brief Analysis of a BigDog Quadruped Robot. China Mechanical Engineering, 2012.

5. Developing Trend of Industrial Robot in Aerospace Manufacturing Industry, Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology, 2013. 

6. Design and Experiment Study on a Quadruped Robot Single Leg with Composite Rigid-flexible Configuration for Gallop Gait. Robot, 2013.

7. Motion Analysis and Control of a Single Leg of Hydraulically Actuated Quadruped Robots during Vertical Hopping. Robot, 2013.

8. Design of the Spring-Stretching Shank Mechanism of Quadruped Robots. Robot, 2013.

9. A framework of Autonomous Knowledge Transfer for Robot Navigation Task, IEEE International Joint Conference on Awareness Science and Technology (iCAST), 2013.

10. A Bionic Micro Sucker Actuated by IPMC. IEEE International Conference on Orange Technologies(ICOT), 2014.

11. Phase Transition of Quadruped Robot Based on the Two-level CPG. WIT Transaction on Engineering Sciences, Vol.98, Advanced control, automation and Robotics, 2014.

12. Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of SLIP for Compliant Two-segment Leg. China Sciencepaper,2014.

13. Experimental Investigation of the Morphology and Adhesion Mechanism of Leech Posterior Suckers, PLoS ONE, 2015.

14. A Nonholonomic Mobile System Control by Combining EEG-based BCI with ANFIS, Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2015.