jia ming



The basic information

jia ming

School of Management




Vice Dean


Work Experience

§2015.6-present  Professor, School of Management, Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity, China

§2011.5-2015.5   Associate Professor, School of Management, Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity, China

§2009.10-2011.4 Assistant Professor,  School of Management, Northwestern PolytechnicalUniversity, China


Education Experience

§2003.09-2009.06  School of Management, Major of Business Administration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, Ph.D degree

§1999.09-2003.06  School of Humanity and Social Science, Major of Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, Bachelor degree


Education And Teaching

§Empirical and Experimental Studies of Corporate Finance 

§Methodology of management Research and Implication of STATA


Scientific Research

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Responsible Business


Academic Achievements

[1]   Heli Wang, Ming Jia, Zhe Zhang. Good Deeds Done in Silence: Stakeholder Management and Quiet Giving by Chinese Firms. Organization Science, 2020, online.

[2]   Ming Jia, Yi Xiang, & Zhe Zhang. Indirect Reciprocity and Corporate Philanthropic Giving: How Visiting Officials Influence Investment in Privately Owned Chinese Firms. Journal of Management Studies, 2019, 56(2), 372-407.

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[11] Ming Jia, Zhe Zhang. The CEO’s representation of demands and the corporation’s response to external pressures: Do politically affiliated firms donate more? Management and Organization Review, 2013, 9(1): 87-114.

Social Appointments

§2020.8- till now, Journal of Business Ethics, section editor