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Institute of Medical Research



Associate Professor

Work Experience

2019/08-Present   Northwestern Polytechnical University, Institute of Medical Research   Associate Professor

2020/01-2021/01  The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)   Postdoctoral Fellow

Education Experience

2016/09-2019/06   Sun Yat-sen University (China)   Ph.D. in Chemistry

2012/09-2015/06   Southwest University of Science and Technology (China)   M.S. in Chemistry

2008/09-2012/06   Southwest University of Science and Technology (China)   B.S. in Chemistry

General Introduction

Our group started on 2019, our lab interests mainly focus on 1) CRISPR-based biosensors; 2) the combination of nanomaterials and nucleic acids amplification for biological analysis applications (non-invasive diagnosis for cancer). To date, the group leader, Dr Wang (, have published over 20 SCI papers in top journals like Biosensors and Bioelectronic, Analytical Chemistry etc, while applied more than 10 patents.

Academic Achievements

Selected Publications:

[1] Wanhe Wang, Jingqi Liu, Xiaoxia Li, Chuankai Lin, Xueliang Wang, Jianhua Liu, Liansheng Ling, Jing Wang*. CRISPR/Cas12a-based biosensor for colorimetric detection of serum prostate-specific antigen by taking nonenzymatic and isothermal amplification, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 354 (2022),131228. (IF: 7.460)

[2] Wanhe Wang, Jianhua Liu, Li-An Wu, Chung-Nga Ko, Xueliang Wang, Chuankai Lin, Jingqi Liu, Liansheng Ling, Jing Wang*. Nicking enzyme-free strand displacement amplification-assisted CRISPR-Cas-based colorimetric detection of prostate-specific antigen in serum samples, Analytica Chimica Acta, 1195(2022), 339479. (IF: 6.558)

[3] Jing Wang, Ji Zhang, Tingting Li, Ruidi Shen, Gongke Li, Liansheng Ling, Strand displacement amplification-coupled dynamic light scattering method to detect urinary telomerase for non-invasive detection of bladder cancer, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 131 (2019) 143-148. (IF: 10.618)

[4] Jing Wang, Tingting Li, Ruidi Shen, Gongke Li, and Liansheng Ling*, Polymerase Chain Reaction-Dynamic Light Scattering sensor for DNA and protein by using both replication and cleavage properties of Taq polymerase, Analytical Chemistry, 91 (2019), 3429-3435. (IF: 6.986)

[5] Jing Wang, Xiaoyan Lin, Xuegang Luo, Yufeng Long, A sorbent of carboxymethyl cellulose loaded with zirconium for the removal of fluoride from aqueous solution, Chemical Engineering Journal, 252 (2014) 415-422. (IF: 13.273)

[6] Jing Wang, Tingting Li, Haigang Li, Gongke Li, Shixin Wu, Liansheng Ling, A universal colorimetric PCR biosensor based upon triplex formation with the aid of Ru(phen)2dppx2+Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 278 (2019) 39-45. (IF: 7.460)

[7] Jing Wang, Haigang Li, Tingting Li, Liansheng Ling, Determination of bacterial DNA based on catalytic oxidation of cysteine by G-quadruplex DNAzyme generated from asymmetric PCR: Application to the colorimetric detection of Staphylococcus aureus, Microchimica Acta, 185 (2018) 410-418. (IF: 5.833)

[8] Jing Wang, Xiaoyan Lin, Xuegang Luo, Wenhui Yao, Preparation and characterization of the linked lanthanum carboxymethylcellulose microsphere adsorbent for removal of fluoride from aqueous solutionsRoyal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5 (2015) 59273-59285. (IF: 3.361)

[9] Jing Wang, Haigang Li, Tingting Li, Ji Zhang, Liansheng Ling, An efficient template-independent polymerase chain displacement reaction for the detection of Salmonella typhimurium, Analytical Methods, 10(2018)4229-4232. (IF: 2.896)

[10] Jing Wang, Xiaoyan Lin, Heng Zhu, Xuegang Luo, Jianping Zhang, Preparation, Characterization, and Adsorption Properties of Amino-Alky Cellulose for 2, 4, 6-Trinitrotoluene, Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 34 (2014) 372-387. (IF: 1.440)

Selected Patents:

[1] 一种多倍PCR扩增方法,凌连生, 李海刚, 王京 (CN107177693A) 

[2] 基于链替换反应和DNA修饰的金纳米粒子检测尿液中端粒酶活性的方法,凌连生,王京,李婷婷,沈瑞迪(CN109517880A

Scientific Research

Awards Information

2015   Outstanding Postgraduate of   Southwest University of Science and Technology (top 3%)

2014   National Scholarship (China Scholarship Council, top 3%)

2014   Top grade Scholarship of Southwest University of Science and Technology

2013   Technology Innovation Awards (top 5%) 

2012   Outstanding Undergraduate of Sichuan Province (top 2%)

2010/2012   Outstanding Student of Southwest University of Science and Technology (twice)

2009   Second Prize in the Eighth "Challenge Cup" Competition of Sichuan province

Admission Information

We are recruiting postgradate students majoring in Pharmacy and Chemistry

All Interested are Welcome!

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