Xiaofeng Lei



The basic information

Xiaofeng Lei

School of Foreign Languages



Associate Professor

Work Experience

August, 1996-July, 2001, a teacher of English (role), Senior High School of Northwest No.2 Cotton Mill, China;

Feb., 2004-Now, a teacher of English (role), Northwestern Polytechnical University   

Education Experience

July, 1993-Sept. 1996, Xi’an International Studies University, a student of English (role); 

Sept. 2001-April, 2004, Northwestern Polytechnical University, a student of English (role) ;

Sept. 2011-Feb. 2012,  Karlstad University (in Sweden), a visiting scholar(role)  

Awards Information

 1. First Prize in Educational Paper Appraisal for High School Teachers, 1998;

 2. Award of Teaching Master, May, 2000;

 3. Second Prize in Teaching Skills Contest for High School Teachers of English, 2001;

 4. First Couching Prize in China’s College English Contest, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014;

 5. Second Prize in Teaching Achievement Appraisal, Construction of the Elective Course-Scientific        English Translation & in-class Application of Unit-based Teaching Approach, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Ranking 3rd, Sept. 2010;

 6. First Prize in Teaching Achievement Appraisal, The Exploration & Practice of Reconstructing in- class Teaching Systems of Foreign Languages Based on Social Needs, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Ranking 5th, June, 2011;

 7. Faculty Fellowship, Northwestern Polytechnical University, June, 2011;

 8. Outstanding Mentoring Award in the Final Contest (Shaanxi Division) of CCTV-sponsored “Star of Outlook”, 2013 

Scientific Research


1Projects that I have directed

  Xiaofeng Lei, College English Translation Teaching Reform in Science & Engineering Universities(No. W015119), Teaching Reform in Northwestern Polytechnical University, Nov. 2009;

Xiaofeng Lei, Research & Practice on EST Translation Model under the Framework of Information Dualism(No. 2010GJY04), Higher Education Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Dec. 2010;

Xiaofeng Lei, Translating Metaphors: A Study on C-E Translation Approaches to Conceptually Metaphorical Expressions, Exemplified with Lu Xun’s Translated Works (No. RW201209), HumanitiesSocial Science and Management Promotion Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University, June, 2012;

Xiaofeng Lei, Integration Research on the Development of Translation students' vocational Capability in Colleges and Universities of China(No. 2014GJY13), Higher Education Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Oct. 2014

2Projects that I have Participated in

Meiyan Liu, Xiaofeng Lei et al, Comprehensive Assessment on Four Sets of College English On-line Courses(No.13xja740002), Humanities and Social Sciences foundation of Ministry of Education of China, April, 2013;

Jianguo Tian, Xiaofeng Lei et al, A Study on Corpus-driven On-line Autonomous Learning Mode(2014ME190001), May, 2014;

Huiying Yang, Xiaofeng Lei et al, Empirical Research on Contextual Description Mode in Discourse TranslationNo. 3102014RW0027, HumanitiesSocial Science and Management Promotion Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University, ranking 2nd, May, 2014;

Jie Chen, Xiaofeng Lei et al, A Study on Undergraduates’ Bilingual Transfer Mode From Cognitive Perspective(No. 3102014RW0025), HumanitiesSocial Science and Management Promotion Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University, May, 2014;

Yong Xiao, Xiaofeng Lei et al, A Research & Practice on Translation Education Based on the Quality Assessment System of Target Texts (No.GEKY6004), June, 2014 

Academic Achievements

1.   Papers published

(1) Xiaofeng Lei, Innovative Methods on Discourse Translation in light of Equivalent Effect    Principle[J], Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Social Science Edition), Vol.29, Issue 3(2009), ISSN:1009-2447,60-63, Sept. 2009;

(2) Xiaofeng Lei, Exploring the Achievement of Information Equivalence in EST Translation of Long Sentences[A], ISBN: 978-1-935068-09-9, Proceedings of 2010 National Teaching Seminar on Cryptography and Information Security, 302-305, ISTP, Oct. 2010

(3) Xiaofeng Lei, Countermeasure Research on Some translation Problems with College English Education[A], Proceedings of Specialty Construction and Talents Cultivation of Digital Media (2011)ISBN978-1-935068-86-0, 82-85, ISTP, July, 2011;

(4) Xiaofeng Lei, The Construction of Translation Teaching Model Based on Constructivism[J], Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Social Science Edition), Vol. 33, Issue 1(2013), 85-88, ISSN1009-2447, Feb. 2013;

(5) Xiaofeng Lei, Jianguo Tian, Exploring Metaphor Translation Mode Under the Framework of Adaptation Theory[J], Foreign Language Education, Vol.35, Issue 2(2014), 99-103, ISSN: 1000-5544, Mar. 2014, CSSCI;

(6) Xiaofeng Lei, Exploring the Translation Mode for Scientific Discourses under the Framework of Information Dualism[A], Future Information Engineering, Volume I, WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies, ISBN:978-1-84564-855-8; eISBN: 978-1-84564-856-5; ISSN: (print) 1746-4463; ISSN: (on-line) 1743-3517; P. 331-336, EI (Accession No. 20142717889276), April, 2014;

(7) Xiaofeng Lei, Horizon Fusion-driven Path Schema of Metaphor Translation[J]Journal of Xi’an International Studies University, Vol.23, Issue 1(2015), 125-129, ISSN:1673-9876, Jan. 2015  

2. Works

 (1) Xiaofeng Lei et alSelf-study Guidance: Solutions to Some Language Difficulties for High School Students [M], Beijing: China Ocean Press, August, 1999;

 (2) Xiaofeng Lei, Lin Yang et alIntroduction & Annotation to Some British and American Novels: A New Approach to Developing Extensive Reading competence in College Students[M], ISBN978-7-118-06798-9, Beijing: National Defense Industry Press, April, 2010;

 (3) Xiaofeng Lei, Jie Chen & Yong XiaoLecture Notes Edited for the course E-C & C-E Translation, 2013