liu du xi


The basic information

liu du xi

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Awards Information

1. 2013 2nd award of excellent teaching material of shaanxi province ordinary university (chief editor).

2. 2013 1st award of excellent teaching material of north western technical university (chief editor).

3. 2010 excellent master degree of science in engineering dissertation supervisor of north western technical university.

4. 2009 excellent supervisor of engineering master's degree dissertation of north western technical university.

5. 2008~2009 academic year awards for teachers in undergraduate academy of north western technical university.

6. 2004~2005 academic year awards for teachers in graduate academy of north western technical university.

Scientific Research

research interests1. precision measurement and control in mechatronics.2. precision and ultra-precision automatic measurement. 3. virtual instrumentation and virtual test. 4. test metrology and instrumentation.

10 teaching materials and 50 academic papers have been published. 5 academic papers have been indexed by ei. 3 chinese invention patent have been authorized.

Academic Achievements

1.duxi liu, qiuxia qin, xingang wang, hailong of static pressure tube for precision air static pressure measurement based on orthogonal test design method. chinese journal of scientific instrument,2014,35(2),360-367. ei20141317512604).

2.du-xi liu,sen zhang,yun-long zhu, qiu-xia qin. parametric design of static tube for long-distance outboard precision atmospheric static pressure measurement. the 3rd international conference on materials science and manufacturing (icmsm2014), nov 2013,yichang, china. (ei 20141717623857).

3.liu duxi, xu jianshe.innovative design of long-range linear displacement precision measuring mechanism for airplane trailing cone automatic releasing system.procedia engineering, v 16, p 453-458, 2011,international workshop on automobile, power and energy engineering, apee 2011 (ei 20120314687381).

4.liu duxi, zhu mingquan. study on repeatability evaluation method of precision automatic inspecting machine of aviation coupling based on independent sub-sample.2010 international conference on e-product e-service and e-entertainment, iceee2010 (ei 20110313604686).

5.liu duxi, etal. the research of large-scale displacement and linear velocity precision control of winding servo system. automation in manufacturing, 2010, 32(10):35-38.

6.liu duxi, etal. research of quick and accurate position control method based on secondary fractional steps positioning. computer measurement and control, 2009, 179):1724-1725,1734.