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The basic information

liu feng

School of Materials Science and Engineering





Work Experience

Professor Liu is a Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River Scholar, Ministry of Education of China, a recipient of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Award, StatesRecognizedTalent Project, Chinese Youth Science &Technology Prize winner, also The Youth Leader in Technological InnovationTalents, enjoy the State Council Special Allowance, and the leader of Rapid Solidification and Metastable Materials Research Group of State Key Laboratory of Solidification Technology.

Education Experience

Prof. Liuearned a Ph.D. degree from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2001. After his doctoral study, he was awarded more thanthere-year postdoctoral and Humboldt research cooperation in Max Planck Institute for Metals Research and University of Göttingen in Germany, respectively. Since 2006, he had been visited Max Planck Institute for Metals Research for further academic exchange many times.

Awards Information

Prof. Liuowned one won the First-place Prize in Shaanxi Province Science &Technology, and two won the Second-place Prize. He has published over 220 technical papers in important international academic journals and conferences at home and abroad, including 33 papers of IF is more than 3, also including two review papers published inInternational Materials Reviews journal and 28 papers published inActa Materialia journal.

Scientific Research

His research interests lie in the fields ofnon-equilibrium solidification theory and technology, unifying theories research between non-equilibrium solidification and solid transformation,solid-state phase transformation kinetics, preparation and stability studyof amorphous and metastable nanomaterials and preparation of high strength aluminum magnesium alloys.