liu guang lei


The basic information

liu guang lei

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Scientific Research

research on the analysis, judgement, and optimization of mechanical transmission system and its key machine elements. 

Academic Achievements

[1] liu guanglei, li degeng, wang leyun. reconstrunction of real tooth surfaces of spiral bevel pinions with modified offset[j]. inverse problems in science and engineering, 2015, 23(2): 214~234(sci)

[2] muhammad arif abdullah, liu guang lei. time varying meshing stiffness of cracked sun and ring gears of planetary gear train. applied mechanics and materials journal (issn: 1660-9336). proceedings of third internal conference on power sciences and engineering at barcelona spain. december 18~20, 2014.(ei)

[3] liu guanglei, chang kai, liu zeliang. reverse engineering of machine-tool settings with modified roll for spiral bevel pinions[j]. chinese journal of mechanical engineering, 2013, 26(3):573~584(sci)

[4] liu guanglei, fan hongwei. study on pinion tooth surface generation strategy of spiral bevel gears[j]. chinese journal of mechanical engineering, 2012, 25(4): 753~759(sci)

[5] liu guanglei, zhang ruiting, zhao ning. quantitative analysis of the influence of installation errors on the contact pattern of spiral bevel gears[c]. international conference on power transmission, october 25~29, xi’an, china (ei)

[6] liu guanglei, fan hongwei, jiang ping. manufacture parameter design of sgm spiral bevel gears based on local synthesis and transmission error optimization[c]. international conference on applied mechanics and mechanical engineering, september 8~9, 2010, changsha, china (ei)

[7] liu guangelei, zhang ruiting, zhao ning, jiang ping. an approach to determine installation errors of spiral bevel gears[j].chinese journal of mechanical engineering, 2012, 48(3): 34~40 (ei)

[8] liu guanglei, fan hongwei, gujihong. a betterr active design for optimizing grinding parameters of avaiation spiral bevel gears[j].journal of northwestern polytechnical university, 2011, 29(3): 394-399(ei)

[9] liu guanglei, fan hongwei, gujihong, jiang ping. an optimization approach of transmission performance of spiral bevel gears[j]. acta aeronautica et astronautica sinica, 2010, 31(8): 1680~1687(ei)

[10] liu guanglei, fan hongwei, gujihong, jiang ping. half modified roll for the optimization of transmission error function of spiral bevel gears[j]. journal of aerospace power, 2010, 25(8): 1888~1893 (ei)