LI Zhiyu


The basic information

LI Zhiyu

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Education Experience

B.S., Xi'an Shiyou University, Automation, 2001

M.S., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Electrical Theory and New Technology, 2004

Ph.D., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Circuit and System, 2009

Scientific Research

1. Wireless Sensor Networks

2. The Internet of Things

3. Intelligence Information Processing and Detecting Technology

Academic Achievements

1. Li Zhiyu. Exploring Energy-Balancing Adaptive Clustering Algorithm (EBACA) in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).2013 International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Application Engineering,ITCAE, p 285-288, 2013.

2. Li Zhiyu. Overview of Internet of Things. Computer Measurement & Control, 2012, 20(6): 1445-1448, 1451.

3. Li Zhiyu, Shi Haoshan. Exploring load-balancing adaptive clustering algorithm (LBACA) in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2009, 27(6): 822-826.

4. Li Zhiyu, Shi Haoshan. A data-aggregation algorithm based on minimum steiner tree in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University,2009, 27(4): 558-564.

5. Li Zhiyu, Shi Haoshan. A Data-aggregation Algorithm based on Adaptive Ant Colony System in wireless sensor networks. 1st International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2008, v 4, p 449-453, 2008.

6. Li Zhiyu, Shi Haoshan. Design of gradient and node remaining energy constrained directed diffusion routing for WSN. 2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, WiCOM 2007, p 2600-2603, 2007.