fu mao sen



The basic information

fu mao sen

School of Materials Science and Engineering



Associate Professor

Assistant Dean

Work Experience

2013.3-present Northwestern Polytechnical University, associate professor 

2009.10-2013.2 Northwestern Polytechnical University, lecturer 

Education Experience

2004-2009 Ph.D. in Materials Science, Zhejiang University

2000-2004 B.Eng. in Materials Science, Zhejiang University 

Education And Teaching

2013.3-present Northwestern Polytechnical University, associate professor

  • Courses taught: Modern Electron Microscopy, Introduction to Functional Ceramics (teaching in English), Microstructure Analysis of Advanced Materials(teaching in English)                 
  • Advisor to three masters’ candidate and three undergraduate students

2009.10-2013.2 Northwestern Polytechnical University, lecturer

  • Course taught: Specialized English for Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Advisor to four undergraduate students

Scientific Research


Electron microscopic analysis, Structure and microstructure analysis, perovskite based functional materials, dielectric ceramics


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