nie xuan

The basic information

nie xuan

School of Software and Microelectronics



Associate Professor

Work Experience

in 2001, software engineer of motorola corp., china.

2006~2009, assistant professor of school of software and microelectronicsnorthwestern polytechnical university after 2010, associate professor of school of software and microelectronicsnorthwestern polytechnical university

in 2003,visitor scholar of microsoft reach asia

in 2010,visitor scholar of hong kong polytechnic university

in 2011,visitor scholar of national university of singapore

2013.1-2014.1,visitor scholar of university of michigan, usa

Education Experience

·         phd in computer science and technology, northwestern polytechnical university, china, 03/2002-12/2005,

·         master in pattern recognition and intelligence system, northwestern polytechnical university, china,

·         bachelor in automatic control, northwestern polytechnical university, china, 09/1994-07/1998,

Awards Information

third degree prize winner of the national defense science and technology

Scientific Research

research fields:advanced software design and implementintelligence system、computervision、computer graphic and image technicalvirtual realitymachine learning

project in charge

[1] aerospace support fundno.1600-ndxw0002),supported by aerospace science industry groupsimulation research on *******by computer vision2013-2015

[2] aerospace cast innovation fundno.1600-ndxr0001),supported by aerospace science and technical groupresearch on the detecting, tracking and recognition of high-speed weak object2013-2015

[3] the funding of shaanxi province science and technology planno.1600-ncsf0001),supported by department of science and technology of shaanxi provincethe reconfigurable erp system to support enterprise process improvement2012.1-2013.12

[4] the funding of xian city science and technology planno.1600-ndsf0002),supported by bureau of science and technology of xian cityintelligent traffic monitor software based on computer vision2013-2015

[5] the funding of xian city science and technology planno.1600-nasf0001),supported by bureau of science and technology of xian cityenterprise general sale management information system2010-2012

[6] basis research fund of northwestern polytechnical universityno.1600-gcky1001),activity analysis for moving object based on computer vision2012-2014

[7] the funding of beilin county science and technology plan1600-ncsa0001),supported by bureau of science and technology of beilin county, intelligent traffic monitor software based on activity analysis2012-2014

[8] supported by southwest automation institute of china weapon group, no.1600-n8ek0003),image positioning software system for mechanical parts2009-2010

Academic Achievements

the following is publications as first author:

[1] an optimization method for moving object detection, computer engineering and applications, 48(33): 173-177, 2012.

[2] robust background-registration method, computer engineering and applications, 46(6): 194~196, 2010.

[3] noise-eliminating method in optical flow field based on singularity detection, computer engineering, 35(5):207~208, 2009.

[4] track multiple objects with feature-correlation algorithms, application research of computers, 26(9):3545~3547, 2009.

[5] a new method of hybrid differences for objects detecting, journal of northwestern polytechnical university,27(1):88~92,2009(ei:20091211966410)

[6] optical-flow field based snake algorithm, computer engineering and applications, 44(28): 166~168, 2008.

[7] novel algorithm to solve angle variation of mobile objects, application research of computers, 26(5): 1989~1990, 2009.

[8] progressive image transmission based on zero-tree coding, signal and information processing technology, issue(3), 2004.

[9] locomotory objects detecting based on snake, computer engineering, 31(23): 148~150, 2005. (ei:2006029637989)

[10] an improved radial basis function based method for image warping, computer science, 32(4):102~103, 2005.

[11] a region matching algorithm for video sequence, journal of northwestern polytechnical university,23(3):352~355,2005.(ei:05339304763)

[12] an improved rbf based method for image warping, journal of electronics, 22(4): 422~426, 2005.

[13] a precise image registration method by utilizing the geometric feature of edges, journal of computer-aided design & computer graphics, 16(12): 1668~1673, 2004. (ei: 05028786300)

[14] a new image registration method for gray images, journal of electronics, 21(5): 426~431, 2004.

[15] a new method for detection bridges automatically, journal of northwestern polytechnical university, 21(5): 599~602, 2003.(ei:04118060693)

[16] on achieving better fault-tolerant capability for recognizing heavily stained printed chinese characters with a four-layer fuzzy neural network, journal of northwestern polytechnical university,22(3): 375~379, 2004.

[17] radiometric correction on remote sensing image, signal and information processing technology, issue(1): 102~106, 2002.


Social Appointments

chief engineer of small and medium sized enterprises of shaanxi province

senior member of computer association of china

experts on master thesis evaluation of the education development center of education department, china.

General Introduction

nie xuan, male, born in 1976, associate professor, ph.d., master supervisor. he got his master degree on pattern recognition and intelligent systems 2001, and ph.d. in computer application technology 2005 both from northwestern polytechnical university. his current research field covers both software engineering and computer application technology, with research interests in intelligent software systems, software design and implementation, distributed software, graphics and image technology, virtual reality, e-services, industrial automation technology, etc. he teaches the courses of media computing, virtual reality, introduction to computer and information systems, computer graphics, digital media technology.


dr nie has a close international collaborative research relationships with university of michigan, and national university of singapore with research experience as following:

a visiting scholar at university of michigan, one of the world's top university in american ivy league, with a short visit at new york university, 2013.

a visiting scholar at the national university of singapore, 2011.

a visiting scholar at hong kong polytechnic university, 2010.

cooperate with npu uav special state key laboratory, research on flight simulation research in 2006-2009.

a visiting scholar at microsoft research asia, research on graphic and image, 2003.



in 2013, dr nie was awarded a title as chief engineer of middle and small enterprise of shaanxi province. he is also a dissertation evaluation expert in software engineering in academic degrees and graduate education development center, the education department of china.


the projects under in chief:

aerospace support fund 2013,

aerospace cast innovation fund 2013,

shaanxi science and technology program, 2012,

xi'an science and technology program, 2013,

northwestern polytechnical university foundation research fund, 2012

xi'an beilin district science and technology program, 2013,

xi'an science and technology program, 2010,


other projects in chief include a smart grid project, an image positioning systems, etc. projects as an attendee include: a nature science fund of china, a "863" project, a national defense research fund, an aviation science foundation, etc. he has published more than 20 papers, including ei 7. he is the winner of the third prize of national defense technology.


email:, tel: 029-88492734.