Pan Jichun

The basic information

Pan Jichun

School of Foreign Languages



Associate Professor

Education Experience

09/2003- 12/2006, Master of Arts , Northwestern Polytechnical University

09/1993-07/1997, Bachelor of Arts, Shaanxi Normal University

Awards Information

  • 2017, Second Prize of Faculty Adviser in the 2017 College Speaking Contest of NPU

  • 2016, Second Coach Award in the Shaanxi Provincial Final of 2016 "FLTRP Cup" English Reading Contest

  • 2016&2009, NPU Excellent Teaching Achievement, second prize, first winner

  • 2009, NPU Excellent Teaching Achievement, second prize, second winner

  • 2008, NPU Teaching Grants

  • 2007, 2009,2015&2017, Top Coach Award in the National English Contest for College Students (NECCS) 

  • 2005&2014, First Coach Award in the NECC

Scientific Research

Main Projects:

NPU Project for "Curriculum and Test Reform"--EST Translation, 2014-2015

Shaanxi Social Science Fund "A Contrastive Study of Discourse Markers from the Perspective of Translation", second accomplisher, 2014-2016

Higher Education Research Fund in NPU " A Corpus-based Study on Nominalization in English for Science and Technology", project director and the first accomplisher, 2011-2013

Other Projects Participated:

Higher Education Research Fund in NPU "A Study on the Compilation Principle of the textbook of English for Special Purpose (ESP) and Its Evaluation Model ", 2011-2013

Higher Education Research Fund in NPU "Research and Practice on the Translation Mode for College English Scientific Discourses under the Framework of Information Dualism",  2010-2012

Academic Achievements

Selected publications:

  1. Pan Jichun, The Power of Magic——Deconstruction of the Wizarding Features of Harrry Potter, Journal of Xi'an International Studies University, Vol. 24(3) Mar. 2016

  2. Pan Jichun, A Corpus-based Study on Errors in Writing Committed by Chinese Students, Linguistics and Literature Studies, Vol.3(5), Sept. 2015, USA

  3. Pan Jichun, A Study on the Nominalization Structure of English for Science and Technology (EST), Journal of Xinjiang University, Vol.40(3) , Mar. 2012

  4. Pan Jichun, Xin Ke, An Analysis and Research of Errors Committed by the Test-takers of National University English Test---Spoken English Test, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Vol.28 (2), Jun. 2008