qi le hua


The basic information

qi le hua

School of Mechanical Engineering




Work Experience

1998 to Present: Title: Professor

Affiliation: School of Mechatronical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Work address: 127 Youyi West Road, Xi’an, China, 710072

1993 to1998: Title: Associate professor

Affilation: School of Mechatronical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

1985 to 1993: Title: First as an , then an instructor

Affiliation: Department of Material Science and Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Technology

1982 to 1985: Title: Assistant Engineer

Affiliation: Suzhou factory of nail clippers

Education Experience

Mar.2000 to Oct.2004: PhD, Systematical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China 

Sep.1990 to Mar.1993: Master Degree of Plasticity Forming, Harbin Institute of Technology, China 

Fab.1978 to Jan.1982: Bachelor Degree of Plasticity Forming, Department of material, Luoyang Institute of Technology, China 

Education And Teaching

Teaching Courses

(1) Fundamentals of Engineering Material and Mechanical Manufacturing Technology for Undergraduate Students;

(2) Hydraulic transmission and Control of Machine Tool for Undergraduate Students;

(3) Fuzzy Theory and Neural Networks—Basis and Application for PhD. Students;

(4) Principle of Artificial Neural Networks and Its Application on the Mechanical Design for Graduate Students;

(5) The Foundation of Near-Net Forming and Its New Technologies for Graduate Students.  

Awards Information

(1) The title of national model teacher in 2014.

2012. (on rank 1)

in 2009.(on rank 4)

(4) The prize of famous teacher of Shaanxi province in 2008.

(5) The 100 excellent Ph.D. dissertations of China in 2007.

(6) The second-class prize for the Excellent Teaching Achievement of Shaanxi province in 2007. (on rank 1)

(7) The title of March 8th Red-Banner Pace-Setter in China in 2008.

(8) The first-class prize for the Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi province in 2006.(on rank 1)

Excellent Teacher in Teaching of Shaanxi province in 2001.

(10) The third-class prize for the Science and Technology Advancement Progress of the China Aviation Industry Corporation in 1999.(on rank 1)

(11) The Baosteel Excellent Teachers Award of China in 1997. 

Scientific Research

(1) Accumulated material forming with spraying micro-droplet. The research focuses on aluminum droplet formation, microstructure and properties, process control, computer simulation and optimization, etc.

(2) Liquid metal extrusion technology for fabricating tube and bar products of Al alloy and metal matrix composites. Our research covers the preparation of perform, infiltration processing, reinforcing mechanism, microstructure and properties, process optimization and simulation, etc. The Al2O3 short fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites have been formed successfully.

(3) Semi-solid extrusion technology for metal matrix composites. The metal matrix composites are fabricated via the combination of infiltration and semi-solid extrusion in our laboratory. The magnesium matrix composites are under investigation.

(4) Computer simulation and control on the CVI process and microstructure of carbon-carbon composites. 

Academic Achievements

The total paper is about 210. from 2010, about 64 )

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Published teaching books and monograph

(1) Qi Le-hua. Engineering material and forming process foundation, Press of Northwest Polytechnical University, Xi’an: March, 2002

(2) Qi Le-huaEngineering material and mechanical manufacturing foundation, Higher education press, Beijing: April, 2006

(3) Li He-jun, Qi Le-hua, Zhou Ji-ming, Technology and application of liquid solid forming under high pressure. National defense industry press, Beijing: January, 2013