shi yao yao


The basic information

shi yao yao

School of Mechanical Engineering




Scientific Research

Engaged in advanced manufacturing technology research of aero engine, the main research includes:

(1) Mechanical and electrical control and automation

(2) Special numerical control technology and equipment

(3) High-speed and high-efficiency NC machining

(4) Machining surface finishing technology

In recent years,host and participate in scientific research projects more than 20 items. Published  more than 50 academic papers. Won more than 10 items of national invention patent. Won 5 items of the national, provincial scientific and technological progress awards.

Academic Achievements

1. An accurate approach to roller path generation for robotic fibre placement of free-form surface composites,Robotics and Computer-Integrated  Manufacturing   ,2014 ,30(3),SCI、EI;

2. Posture adaptive control of the flexible grinding head for blisk manufacturing,International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,2014,70(9-12)   ,SCI、EI;

3.Surface roughness prediction and parameters optimization in grinding and polishing process for IBR of aero-engine,International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,2014 ,74(5-8),SCI、EI;

4. Adaptive sliding mode control of the A-axis used for blisk manufacturing,Chinese Journal of Aeronautics,2014,27(3),SCI、EI;

5. Robust control of the A-axis with friction variation and parameters uncertainty in five-axis CNC machine tools,Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science,2014,228(14),SCI、EI;

6.Research on hot-press splicing technology for composite prepreg tape,Innovative Design and Manufacturing (ICIDM),2014,IEEE:000352845300027,EI:20144600189654;

7.Control technology of composite tape winding pressure , Acta Aeronautica et astronautica sinica, 2014,35(3),EI:20141717623339;

8.Adaptive Yaw Control of the Flexible Pressure Roller for Composite Tape Winding, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,2014,50(17),EI:20144000081954;

9.Composite Adaptive Control of Belt Polishing Force for Aero-engine Blade,Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2013,26(5),SCI、EI;

10.Variable Tension Control for Discontinuous Tape Winding of Composites Based on Constant Extension Ratio,Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering      ,2012,25(5),SCI、EI;

11.Design of DC motor control system based on clonal selection algorithm,ICMSE 2011,April 9,EI:20111213767180;

12.Adaptive polishing for blisk by flexible grinding head. Acta Aeronautica et astronautica sinica,
2011, 32 (5),EI;

13.Research on Tension Control Technology for Discontinous TapeWinding, Acta Aeronautica et astronautica sinica,,2010 (6), EI:20102813068073.

Awards Information

1.Research and engineering applications of high-efficiency and precision machining technology for Aero-engine Blisk, Two grade National Science and technology progress awards, Ten major scientific and technological progress of China's colleges and Universities, in 2006, Rank fifth.
2.The large-scale multi-functional CNC tape winding machine, Xi'an Science and Technology Progress Award, in 2001, Rank first.

Social Appointments

1. Member of China Mechanical Engineering Society, Vice chairman of Shaanxi Province CNC automation branch, Invited committee member of Shaanxi Province NC personnel education and Training Committee.
2. Invited reviewer of Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, China Mechanical Engineering, etc.