Song Shu-Fang

The basic information

Song Shu-Fang

School of Aeronautics




Work Experience

May 2014 to Present, Associate Professor, School of Aeronautics, NPU.

October 2012 to April 2014, Postdoctor, Imperial College London, UK.

January 2011 to April 2014,   Lecture, School of Aeronautics, NPU.

October 2010 to December 2010,  Assistant, School of Aeronautics, NPU.

Education Experience

2006-2010, Ph.D. in Aircraft Design, School of Aeronautics, NPU.
                 Dissertation Title:Research on the structural uncertainty analysis and reliability based optimization design
2005-2006, M.Sc. in Aircraft Design, School of Aeronautics, NPU.
2001-2005, B.Sc.  in Aircraft Design Engineering, School of Aeronautics, NPU.

Education And Teaching

2010- , Probability and statistics,Undergraduate
2014- , Fundamentals of Reliability Engineering,Undergraduate
2014- , Theory and technology of advanced safety design,Graduate
2014- , Theory of optimization design under multi-type uncertainty,Graduate 

Scientific Research

Aircraft design
Reliability analysis
Sensitivity analysis
Structure optimization design

Publications and Articles:
1   SongShufang , Wang Lu. Modified GMDH-NN algorithm and its application for global sensitivity analysis. Journal Of Computational Physics, 2017, 348:534-548.(SCI 一区)
2   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Li Wei, et al. The uncertainty importance measures of the structural system in view of mixed uncertain variables. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 243: 25-35.  (SCI二区)
3   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Cui Lijie. A generalized Borgonovo's importance measure for fuzzy input uncertainty. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 189(1):53-62. (SCI二区)
4   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Qiao Hongwei. Subset Simulation for Structural Reliability Sensitivity Analysis. Reliability Engineering and System Safety. 2009, 94(2): 658-665. (SCI二区)
5   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Zhang Weiwei, Cui Lijie.Uncertainty importance measure by fast fourier transform for wing transonic flutter. Journal of aircraft, 48(2): 449-455.
6   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Zhang Weiwei, Ye Zhengyin. The CDF and its sensitivity analysis of stochastic structure with stochastic excitation by advanced stratified line sampling. SCIENCE CHINA: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 2013, 56(8):1559-1567.
7   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou. Saddlepoint approximate based structural reliability analysis with non-normal random variables. Science China Technological Sciences, 2010, 53(2): 566-576.
8   Song Shufang, Lu Zhenzhou, Zhang Weiwei, Ye Zhengyin. Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of Transonic Flutter Using Improved Line Sampling Technique. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 22(5):513-519.
9   Shufang Song,  Weiwei Zhang,  Xiaojing Wu,  Zhenzhou Lu. Finite element model updating of a control surface based on experimental modal parameters. 7th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology, 25-27 November 2015, Cairns
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11   Sergei Kucherenko, Shufang Song. Derivative-based global sensitivity measures and their link with Sobol sensitivity indices. Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods,2016,79(10):3009-3017.
12   Wu Xiaojing, Zhang Weiwei, Song Shufang. Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis of Transonic Aerodynamics with Geometric Uncertainty, International Journal of Aerospace Engineering,  2017 , 2017 (1) :1-16  

Nature Science Foundation of China(NSFC51308459)
The Nature Science Basic Research Fund of Shaanxi Province (2012JQ1015)
The Aerospace Science and Technology Innovative Foundation(2011200093)