Tian Xitian



The basic information

Tian Xitian

School of Mechanical Engineering




Awards Information

1. NPURCAP - A CAPP system for revolutionary parts, Aeronautical Science and Technology Award, 1992

2. Development and application of an FA-CAD/CAPP/CAM system for aircraft structural parts, Aeronautical Science and Technology Award, 1996

3. Research on key technologies of a process information system of aircraft manufacturing and its practical application, Shaanxi Science and Technology Award, 2008

4. ... agile process planning system, ... Science and Technology Award, 2010

5. Key technologies and practical application of CAPP ..., ... Science and Technology Award, 2011

Scientific Research

1. Computer aided process planning and simulation

    - intelligent process decision-making,

    - 3D process planning and simulation and

    - process information management

2. Manufacturing informatization

    - digital manufacturing,

    - manufacturing process management and

    - manufacturing knowledgement management and

    - decesion support system

3. Machining optimization and control

    - simulation and optimization of cutting,

    - prediction and control of machining deformation and

    - optimization and control of machining process

4. Micro cutting and ultrasonically assisted cutting

Academic Achievements

  1. 1. A knowledge accumulation approach based on bilayer social wiki network for computer-aided process innovation. International Journal of Production Research, vol.2014, 2014.9
  2. 2. Optimal machine tools selection using interval-valued data FCM clustering algorithm. Mathematical Problems in Engineering,  vol.2014, 2014.7, Article ID 921647
  3. 3. A Bottleneck Detection Algorithm for Complex Product Assembly Line Based on Maximum Operation Capacity. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.2014, 2014.5, Article ID 258173
  4. 4. Sensitivity Analysis of Deviation Source for Fast Assembly Precision Optimization. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014, 2014.4, Article ID 148360
  5. 5. Optimal Selection Method of Process Patents for Technology Transfer Using Fuzzy Linguistic Computing. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.2014, 2014.4, Article ID 107108