wang hai wei


The basic information

wang hai wei

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Work Experience

• 05/2015 ~ to now    Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering

• 07/2009 ~ 04/2015  Lecturer, School of Mechanical Engineering

Scientific Research

Main research fields are mechanical transmission, system dynamics, vibration and noise, and simulation platform, etc. Chair scientific research projects are one national 863 project, two ** pre-research projects, one northwestern polytechnical university basic research fund (awarded excellent finish project). Participate in over 10 scientific projects, including one key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, three national 863 projects, one basic research project of national defense, etc.

Academic Achievements

1. Wang Haiwei, Zhang Tao, Liu Geng, Wu Liyan. System-Structure Coupling Dynamic Analysis of Planetary Gears. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015, 350616. (SCI: 000357184900001, EI: 20152600969572)

2. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Wu Liyan, Zhang Tao. Modeling and parameter revising method of rigid-flexible coupling dynamics model. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 73, 720-724, WINTER, 2015. (SCI: 000351538400124)

3. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Zhanduo. Multi-criteria Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Mechanical Product Design Scheme. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2014, 46(3): 99-103. (EI: 20142417813283) (in Chinese)

4. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Zhanduo. Business-task Coupled Process Management for Complex Product Simulation. 2013 International Conference on Mechatronics, Applied Mechanics and Energy Engineering(MAMEE 2013), July 27-29, 2013,Singapore. (EI: 20134316905025)

5. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Zhanduo, Wei Zhongsheng. Entropy-based Evaluation Method of Design Scheme for Helicopter Transmission. TELKOMNIKA, 2013, 11(6): 3367-3373.(EI: 20133116555834)

6. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Xiaohui, He Zhaoxia. Collaborative Simulation Environment for Mechanical System Design. Int. J. Product Development, 2011, 13(1): 38-46.

7. Wang Haiwei, Yang Huixia, Liu Geng, Wu Liyan. Parameter Revising Method for a Rigid-flexible Coupled Virtual Prototype of a Multibody System Containing Impact. Journal of Vibration and Shock, 2011, 30(12): 254-258. (EI: 20120214676535) (in Chinese)

8. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Zheng Dangdang. Modeling and Control Method for Multi-layer Distributed Flow Based on WFCP-Net, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 97-101 (2010): 3682-3685. (EI: 20101612863648)

9. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Xiaohui, He Zhaoxia. Architecture of Collaborative Simulation Environment for Complex Products Based on Petri Net and Multi-agent. China Mechanical Engineering, 2009, 20(17): 2067-2072. (in Chinese)

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11.  Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Yang Xiaohui, He Zhaoxia. Mechanical System Collaborative Simulation Environment for Product Design. 13th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, Sanya, China, JAN 14-16, 2008: 865-873. (EI: 20104013275413)

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14. Wang Haiwei, Liu Geng, Wu Liyan. Research on Integration Technology of Numerical Engineering Collaborative Design and Simulation Platform. Materials Science Forum Vols. 532-533 (2006): 909-912. (EI: 080711100219)