wang zeng qiang


The basic information

wang zeng qiang

School of Mechanical Engineering

University degree



Awards Information

1.research and engineering applications of high-efficiency and precision machining technology for blisk, two grade national science and technology progress awards, in 2006, rank fifth.
2.ten major scientific and technological progress of china's colleges and universities, in 2006, rank fifth.
3.Research on High Efficiency and Precision Digital Cold Machining Technology of Integral Wing Panel. The First National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, Ranking 4th, 2005.
4.Turbine Blade Investment Casting Die CAD/CAM System. The First Aerospace Science and Technology Progress Award, Ranking 3rd, 1999.
5.The Second Prizes of Ministerial Science and Technology Progress, in total of 2, 1993-1998.

Scientific Research

5-Axis NC machining Technology  of  blisk;

NC Machining Technology of Blade;

Technology Research of investment casting mould CAD/CAM on turbine blade

Technology Research of residual stress of machining surface.

Academic Achievements

1.Liu Xiongwei, Zhang Dinghua, Wang Zengqiang, Yang Haicheng, Jiang Shoushan. NC Machining Theory and Programming Technology. Beijing: China Machine Press, 2000,38000words.
2.Zhang Guangxing, Wang Zengqiang. Aero Engine Manual—Camputer Aided Design. Beijing: Aviation Industry Press,2001,95000words.
3.Wang Zengqiang, Yao Changfeng, Zhang Dinghua, Peng Wenli, Lin Xiaojun, Ren Junxue. Research on Networked Cooperative Manufacturing Resource Optimization Deployment for Complex Parts. China Mechanical Engineering, 2006,2:152-156(ei:06109748775);
4. Wang Zengqiang, Ao Bo, Yao Changfeng, Zhang Dinghua. New Developments of Fatigue Damage Monitoring with Industrial Computerized Tomography (ICT). Mechanical science and technology for aerospace engineering,2007.5:655-658
5. Wang Zengqiang, Lin Xiaojun, Shi Yaoyao, Shan Chenwei. Research on NC Machining of Screw Flutes with Surface of Revolution. Mechanical science and technology for aerospace engineering, 2007.4:428-430.
6. Wang Zengqiang, Hou Zengxuan. A New Compressed Voxel-based Method for Swept Volume Modeling of a Ball-end Cutting Tool and Its Application. Manufacturing automation,2006,28(10):21-24
7.   chaofeng liu, zengqiang wang, guang zhang, lei liu. the effect of cutting speed on residual stresses when orthogonal cutting tc4[c],11th international conference on the mechanical and physical behaviour of materials under dynamic loading.dynamat supsi, lugano, switzerland,september 7-11, 2015

Social Appointments

jVice Secretary General of ShanXi Computer Society CAD committee;
Aeroengine Specialist of NPU;
member of Chines Mechanical engineering Society;
member of China Aviation History Research Association;
member of ShanXi Computer Society.