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The basic information

WANG Wanhe

Institute of Medical Research



Associate Professor

Work Experience

2019/12-Present   Northwestern Polytechnical University, Institute of Medical Research   Associate Professor

2014/10-2015/11   Hong Kong Baptist University   Research Assistant

Education Experience

2015/12-2019/09   Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong SAR)   Ph.D. in Chemistry

2017/08-2017/08   Monash University (Australia)   International Exchange Student

2011/09-2014/06   Jilin University (Changchun, China)   M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry

2007/09-2011/07   Kunming University of Science and technology (Kunming, China),    B.S. in Pharmaceutical engineering

General Introduction

Our group established on 2019, our research interests mainly focus on: (1) Luminescent transition metal complexes-based probes. (2) Organo-transition-metal complexes-based anticancer drug discovery. (3) Computer-aided drug virtual screening based on natural products. To date, our group have published over 60 SCI papers in top journals, such as Nature Communications, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Chemical Science etc, while over 28 of them as first or co-first author. H-Index reaches 22 with a citation of over 1600.

Academic Achievements

Selected Publications:

After 2020 (PI)

[1] W. Wang, K.-J. Wu, K. Vellaisamy, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "Peptide-conjugated long-lived theranostic imaging toolbox fortargeting GRPr in cancer and immune cells ". Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2020, 59, 17897. (Impact factor: 15.336, Inside cover)

[2] G. Li, C.-N. Ko, D. Li, C. Yang, W. Wang, G.-J. Yang, C. D. Primo, V. K. W. Wong, Y. Xiang, L. Lin*, D.-L. Ma*, C.-H. Leung*. “A small molecule HIF-1α stabilizer that accelerates diabetic wound healing”. Nat. Commun., 2021, 12, 3363. (Impact factor: 14.919)

[3] W. Wang, T.-L. Yung, S.-S. Cheng, F. Chen, J.-B. Liu, C.-H. Leung, D.-L. Ma*. “A long-lived luminogenic iridium(III) complex for acetylacetone detection in environmental samples” Sens. Actuator B-Chem., 2020, 321, 128486. (Impact factor: 7.460)

[4] S. Cheng, G.-J. Yang, W. Wang (co-first author), D.-L. Ma*, C.-H. Leung*. Discovery of a tetrahydroisoquinoline-based CDK9-cyclin T1 protein-protein interaction inhibitor as an anti-proliferative and anti-migration agent against triple-negative breast cancer cells”. Genes Dis., 2021, DOI: 10.1016/j.gendis.2021.06.005 (Impact factor: 7.103)

[5] S.-S. Cheng, G.-J. Yang, W. Wang, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "The design and development of covalent protein-protein interaction inhibitors for cancer treatment". J. Hematol. Oncol., 2020, 13, 26. (Impact factor: 17.388)

[6] G. Li, H. Liu, R. Feng, T.-S. Kang, W. Wang, C.-N. Ko, C.-Y. Wong, M. Ye, D.-L. Ma*, J.-B. Wan, C.-H. Leung*. "A bioactive ligand-conjugated iridium(III) metal-based complex as a Keap1–Nrf2 protein-protein interaction inhibitor against acetaminophen-induced acute liver injury". Redox. Biol., 2021, DOI: 10.1016/j.redox.2021.102129 (Impact factor: 11.799)

[7] G.-J. Yang, W. Wang (co-first author), P.-M. Lei, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "A 7-methoxybicoumarin derivative selectively inhibits BRD4 BD2 for anti-melanoma therapy". Int. J. Biol. Macromol., 2020, 164, 3204. (Impact factor: 6.953)

[8] Liu Yang, Qingxin Chen, Shenglong Gan, Qiang Guo, Jie Zhang, Huatang Zhang, Yusheng Xie, Hanyue Xiao, W. Wang (Corresponding author), Hongyan Sun. "An activatable AIEgen probe for in-situ monitoring and long-term tracking of ferrous ions in living cells". Dyes Pigm., 2021, 190, 109271. (Impact factor: 4.889)

[9] C. Wu, K.-J. Wu, J.-B. Liu, W. Wang, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "Structure-guided discovery of a luminescent theranostic toolkit for living cancer cells and the imaging behavior effect". Chem. Sci., 2020, 11, 11404. (Impact factor: 9.825, Front cover)

[10] K.-J. Wu, W. Wang, H.-M. David Wang, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "Interfering with S100B-effector protein interactions for cancer therapy". Drug Discov. Today, 2020, 25, 1754. (Impact factor: 7.851)

Before 2020

[1] G.-J. Yang, W. Wang (co-first author), W.-F. S. Mok, C. Wu, Y.-K. B. Law, X.-M. Miao, K.-J. Wu, H.-J. Zhong, C.-Y. Wong, K.-W. V. Wong*, D.-L. Ma*, C.-H. Leung*. "Selective inhibition of lysine-specific demethylase 5A (KDM5A) using a rhodium(III) complex for triple-negative breast cancer therapy". Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 13091. (Impact factor: 15.336, Inside back cover)

[2] W. Wang, K. Vellaisamy, G. Li, C. Wu, C.-N. Ko, C.-H. Leung*, D.-L. Ma*. "Development of a long-lived luminescence probe for visualizing β-galactosidase in ovarian carcinoma cells". Anal. Chem., 2017, 89, 11679. (Impact factor: 6.986)

[3] W. Wang, Z. Mao, M. Wang, L.-J. Liu, D. W. J. Kwong, C.-H. Leung, D.-L. Ma*. “A long lifetime luminescent iridium(III) complex chemosensor for selective switch-on detection of Al3+ ions” Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 3611. (Impact factor: 6.222, Inside front cover, Highly Cited Paper)

[4] L.-J. Liu, W. Wang (co-first author), S.-Y. Huang, Y. Hong, G. Li, S. Lin, J. Tian, Z. Cai, H.-M. D. Wang, D.-L. Ma*, C.-H. Leung. “Inhibition of the ras/raf interaction and repression of renal cancer xenografts in vivo by an enantiomeric iridium(III) metal-based compound” Chem. Sci., 2017, 8, 4756. (Impact factor: 9.825, Inside back cover)

[5] K. Vellaisamy, G. Li, W. Wang (co-first author), C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma*. “A long-lived peptide-conjugated iridium(III) complex as a luminescent probe and inhibitor of the cell migration mediator, formyl peptide receptor 2” Chem. Sci., 2018, 9, 8171. (Impact factor: 9.825, Front cover)

[6] W. Wang, C. Yang, S. Lin, K. Vellaisamy, G. Li, W. Tan, C.-H. Leung, D.-L. Ma*. “First synthesis of an oridonin-conjugated iridium(III) complex for the intracellular tracking of NF-κB in living cells” Chem. Eur. J., 2017, 23, 4929. (Impact factor: 5.236)

[7] W. Wang, C. Yang, G. Li, Y.-C. Tse, C.-H. Leung, D.-L. Ma*. “An iridium(III) complex-based chemosensor for the detection of thiourea in living cells” Sens. Actuator B-Chem., 2017, 251, 374. (Impact factor: 7.460)

[8] W. Wang, C. Wu, C. Yang, G. Li, Q.-B. Han, S. Li, M.-Y. Lee, C.-H. Leung, D.-L. Ma*. "A dual-functional luminescent probe for imaging H2S in living zebrafish and discrimination hypoxic cells from normoxic cells". Sens. Actuator B-Chem., 2018, 255, 1953. (Impact factor: 7.460)

[9] W. Wang, L. Lu, C. K.-J. Wu, J. Liu, C.-H. Leung, C.-Y. Wong, D.-L. Ma*. "Long-lived iridium(III) complexes as luminescent probes for the detection of periodate in living cells". Sens. Actuator B-Chem., 2019, 288, 392. (Impact factor: 7.460)  

[10] C. Yang, W. Wang (co-first author), J. Liang, G. Li, K. Vellaisamy, C.-Y. Wong, D.-L. Ma*, C.-H. Leung. “A rhodium(III)-based inhibitor of lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 as an epigenetic modulator in prostate cancer cells” J. Med. Chem., 2017, 60, 2597. (Impact factor: 7.446)

Selected Patents:

[1] 喹唑啉类化合物、其中间体、制备方法、药物组合物和应用, 柏旭, 余建鑫, 王万河, 张永, 郑连友, 夏广新, 张春玲, 王余吉, 周倩, 张大鹏(CN106316965A), 2017/01/11.

[2] Quinazoline compound, intermediate, preparation method, pharmaceutical composition and uses thereof, Bai Xu, jianxin Xu, Wanhe Wang, Yong Zhang, Lianyou Zheng, Guangxin Xia, Chunling Zhang, Yuji Wang, Qian Zhou, Dapeng Zhang(WO2017005137A1), 2017/01/12.

Awards Information

Selected Awards and Honors:

2017   Science and Technology Award Third Prize of China Association for Instrumental Analysis  

2017   Yakun Scholarship Scheme for Mainland Postgraduate Students

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Professional Activities

2017   5th MacroTrend Conference on Applied Science: Paris 2017, “Iridium complex-based probe for visualizing β-galactosidase in ovarian carcinoma cells”, Paris, France

2017   Mandatory Common Core Programme - Research Support Skills Workshop for Research Postgraduate Students, Invited speaker, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong