wu xiang qing



The basic information

wu xiang qing

Civil Aviation College



Associate Professor

Work Experience

1.1991-2003: Engr (1995), Engineering Training Center, Northwestern Polytechnical University

2.2003-present: A.P. (2004), School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Education Experience

1.1987-1991: B.S. in metal corrosion and protection Nanchang Hangkong University

2.1998-2002: M.S. in materialogy Northwestern Polytechnical University

3.2004-2010 : Ph.D. in materialogy Northwestern Polytechnical University

Education And Teaching

1.Aeronautical Materials and ProcessUndergraduate courses32h

2.Structure Corrosion Control and Surface Protection,Undergraduate courses48h

3.Surface Coating and Modification TechnologyGraduate course40h

Admission Information

1.Corrosion Mechanism and Anti-corrosion Design of Materials and Structures;

2.High Performance Structural Materials and Functional Coatings;

3.High Energy Density Beams Surface Modification and Coating Preparation Technology;

4.Wear Failure Mechanism of Materials and Life Prediction

Scientific Research

1.Study on micro-arc oxidation technology for titanium alloys,the Youth Innovation Fund of NWPU, 2004

2.Study on material system of civil aircrafts,Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, 2005

3.Study on damage mechanism and protection of materials in the special environment of West China,Key Project of Natural Science Foundation, 2005

4.Study on process and mechanism of plasma electrolytic saturation on titanium alloys (Project of Shaanxi Province Technology Research and Development Program, 2006

5.Study on design and preparation of microlaminates on TiAl alloys ,The Opening Topic Fund of The State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing, 2006

6.Wear mechanism of materials in strong oxidizing environment,the National Basic Research Program of China, 2007

7.Study on preparation and performance of thermal spraying coatings on G3 nickel-base alloys, Project of Shaanxi Province Technology Research and Development Program, 2008

8.Corrosion behaviors of super 13Cr stainless steel in oil and gas wells containing CO2, H2S and Cl- ,Project of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Program, 2011

9.Study on application of fireproof rubber and sealant,Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, 2011

10.Microstructure and performance of Si-Al-Y co-deposition coating on the surface of TiAl alloy, Key Project of Shaanxi Province Science Basic Research Program, 2014

Academic Achievements

1.Effect of diffusion treatment on high temperature oxidation property of multi-arc ion plating aluminum coatings on TiAl alloy, Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment, 2013, 34(6), EI

2.Microstructure and High Temperature Wear of the Thermal Barrier Coatings on TiAl Alloys,  Tribology, 2011, 31(4), EI

3.Effect of diffusion treatment on high temperature friction and wear resistance of aluminium-plated TiAl alloy, Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment, 2010, 31(5), EI

4.Effects of additives on corrosion and wear resistance of ceramic coatings produced by micro-arc oxidation on TiAl-alloy surfaceTrans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China2010, 20(6)SCI/EI

5.Effects of Al Diffusion Coatings on Friction and Wear Properties of Titanium Aluminum Alloy Tribology, 2010, 30(4), EI

6.Effect of diffusion treatment on high-temperature oxidation resistance of multi-arc ion plating Al films on TiAl alloy, Advanced Materials Research, 2009, 97-101(2), EI

7.Effect on the High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Multi-arc Ion Plating Aluminum Films on TiAl Alloy, China Surface Engineering, 2009, 22(5)

8.Effect of Additives on Wear Resistance of Micro-arc Oxidation Coating on TiAl Alloy Materials Review, 2009, 23(10)

9.Influence of Surfactant on the Properties of Electroplate Ni-SiC Composite Coating, Materials Protection, 2009, 42(2)

10.The Optimization of Silicate Solution System for the TiAl Alloy Microarc Oxidation, China Surface Engineering, 2008, 21(5)