xiao yong


The basic information

xiao yong

School of Foreign Languages




Work Experience

work as an English teacher in the foreign language school of NWPU since 2004

Education Experience

Bachelor Degree in English Teaching from Qingdao University 2001

Master Degree in Applied Linguistics from NWPU and specialized in Translation Study  2004

Education And Teaching

Have been teaching college English in NWPU since 2004 and the subjects including college English comprehensive reading, writing, listening and speaking, translating skills, news English, and cross-cultural communication etc. 

Awards Information

be jointly awarded the secondary honour of teaching acheivement 2012 by NWPU with the topic" the study and practice on the cultivation of college students' comprehensive English competence"

Academic Achievements

Rebuilding Conceptions of Literature by Translation in Late Qing Dynasty(1894-1911), TANGDU JOURNAL, Vol. 24, Number 3, 2008.

The Construction of Dynamic and Multifaced Quality Assessment Framwork of Poem Translation, JOURNAL OF XI'AN AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY, Vol. 34, Number 2,2016.

2014-2016 Teaching Methods Reform Programme funded by NWPU "study and practice on tranlation teaching modes on the basis of the quality assessing system of translated texts"

2015-2017 Higher Education Research  Fund Sponsored by NWPU "the construction and application of literary translation quality assessment framwork in translation teaching"

General Introduction

Have been working on translation practice and theory since my post-graduate study and published a few articles on the topics such as the impact of translated works on the ideologies of scholars in late Qing Dynasty, the criteria and assessment of literary works from diverse perspectives etc. Also interested in cognitive linguistics, metaphor study and critical discourse analysis.