Yaping Xu



The basic information

Yaping Xu

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Scientific Research

1.  Industrial process control and automation

2.  Electro-mechanical and intelligent robot

3.  Advanced mechanical and electronic devices and computer numerical control systems 

Academic Achievements

1. Yaping Xu, Runxiao Wang, The Reform and Practice in the Teaching of CNC Course. Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Vol.27, No.4, 2007

2. Yaping Xu, Shudong Sun, Zhonghua Gui, Research on Holonic Manufacturing Systems. China Mechanical Engineering, Vol.14, No.4, 2003

3. Zili Chen, Yaping Xu, Libin Gu,Research of path planning based on fuzzy Q-learn algorithm.  Manufacturing Automation, Vol.34, No.6, 2012 

4. Ping Xiong, Yaping Xu, Weiqiang Wang,The design of testing and controlling system of friction material capability testing machine,  Manufacturing Automation, Vol.29, No.8, 2007  

5. Yaping Xu,  Xiaoling Wu, Hongli Qiu, Interface Design of Automatically Programming for Wire Cutting Machine Based on AutoCAD, Aviation Precision Manufacturing Technology, Vol.38, No.5,2002