Yinggang Miao



The basic information

Yinggang Miao

School of Aeronautics



Associate Professor



Work Experience

Post PHD.: May 2018-April 2020, Solid mechanics, under guidance: Prof. Tiejun Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China;

Post PHD.: June 2015-March 2018, Material science and engineering, under guidance: Prof. Faqin Xie, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China.

Education Experience

Bachelor Education:

   Sep/2004-Jul/2008, Aircraft design and engineering, School of aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China;

Master Education:

  Sep/2008-Jun/2009, Aerospace safety engineering, under guidance: Prof. Qiong Deng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Doctor Education

   Sep/2009-July 2015, Solid mechanics, under guidance: Prof. Yulong Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

   Nov/ 2010-Oct/2012, Joint-training PhD,Solid mechanics, under guidance: Academician Yiu-Wing Mai, USYD, Sydney, Australia

Scientific Research


1. National natural science foundation of China Youth Foundation Project: Research on dynamic Force-Electric-Thermal coupling characteristics of carbon nanotube modified composites based on In-situ measurement of power and electricity, No. 11602202, Funding 220,000 RMB;

2. China Post-Doctoral Science Foundation (66#): Research on elastomer dynamic cyclic loading and deformation mechanism based on Force-Electric coupling measurement. No. M2019663678, Funding 80,000 RMB;

3. Natural Science Foundation of Science and Technology of Shaanxi province Youth Fund Project: Research on Electro-Mechanical coupling response of carbon nanoparticles reinforced composites under dynamic tensile loading, No. 2018JQ1040, Funding 30,000 RMB;

4. Opening Fund Project of State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Research of MEMS sensor anti-overload performance verification system based on stress wave loading and related problems, No. SKLMS2019004, Funding 60,000 RMB;

5. Fundamental Research Funds for the central Universities: Impact-energy Distribution Principle and Design Methodology of Anti-impact lightweight Energy-absorbing Structure, No. 3102015BJ(II)JJZ02, Funding 500,000 RMB.


1. Key Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research On Damage Mechanism of High-Speed Rain drop Impact of Heterogeneous Materials, No.11832015, Funding: 3.3 Million RMB;

2. Major Instrument Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research and Development of Loading Equipment for Biaxial and Biaxial Mechanical Property Test of Materials under High Strain Rate, No. 11527803, Funding 7.525 Million RMB;

3. Horizontal Cooperation Project With Huawei Group in 2016: Simulation and Test Capacity of the Structural Behaviors under Impact based On SHB Experiments, Funding 520,000 RMB.

Academic Achievements

1.  Yinggang Miao, Hengning Zhang, He He, Qiong Deng. Mechanical Behaviors and Equivalent Configuration of a Polyurea under Wide Strain Rate Range. Composite Structures,2019; 222,110923.

2.  Yinggang Miao, Hong-Yuan Liu, Tao Suo, Yiu-Wing Mai, Faqin Xie, YulongLi. Effects of strain rate on mechanical properties of nanosilica/epoxy. Composites Part B Engineering, 2016;96:119-124.

3.  Ying-Gang Miao, Yu-Long Li, Hong-Yuan Liu, Qiong Deng, Luming Shen,Yiu-Wing Mai, Ya-Zhou Guo, Tao Suo, Hai-Tao Hu, Fa-Qin Xie, Long Zhao,Yong-Jian Mao, Wei Qi. Determination of Dynamic Elastic Modulus of Polymeric Materials Using Vertical Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences,2016;108-109:188-196.

4.  Yinggang Miao. On loading ceramic-like materials using split Hopkinson pressure bar. Acta Mechanica, 2018;229:3437-3452.

5.  Yinggang Miao, Bing Du, Chenbo Ma, Haitao Hu, Qiong Deng. Some fundamental problems concerned with the measurement accuracy of the Hopkinson tension bar technique. Measurement Science and Technology, 2019;30:055009-18.

6.  Yinggang Miao, He He, Zhihui Li. Strain Hardening Behaviors and Mechanisms of Polyurethane under Various Strain Rate Loading. Polymer Engineering & Science,2020; 60:1083–1092. DOI:10.1002/pen.25364.

7.  Yinggang Miao. Critical appraising of Hopkinson bar techniques for calibrating high accelerometers. Metrology and Measurement Systems, 2019;26:2,335-343.

8.  Yinggang Miao. Mechanism Analysis on the Increased Stress Softening of Mullins Effect for Rubber-Matrix Composites. Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering, 2019;48:226-233.

9.  Y. Miao, X. Guo, M.Z. Sheikh. A Technique for In-Situ Calibration of Semiconductor Strain Gauges Used in Hopkinson Bar Tests. Experimental Techniques, 2018;42:623-629.

10.    Yinggang Miao, Bing Du, Muhammad Zakir Sheikh.  On measuring the dynamic elastic modulus for metallic materials using stress wave loading techniques. Archive of Applied Mechanics,2018;88:1953-1964.

11.    Miao Ying-gang, Li Yu-long, Deng Qiong, Tang Zhong-bin, Hu Hai-tao, Suo Tao. Investigation on experimental method of low-impedance materials using modified Hopkinson pressure bar. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology. 2015;24(2):269-276.