yuan wei zheng



The basic information

yuan wei zheng

School of Mechanical Engineering





Education Experience

10,1993——05,1995  Northwestern Polytechnical University  Ph.D.

Microfabrication, Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of MEMS

09,1983——04,1986  Northwestern Polytechnical University  MSc

Microfabrication, Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of MEMS

09, 1978——07,1982 Shengyang Aerospace University BSc

Work Experience

07,1982—08,1983  Manufactureing process engineer, Shannxi Aviation Tire Brake System Corporation

04,1986—09,1992  LecturerNorthwestern Polytechnical University

09,1992—09,1993  Visiting Scholar Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des MicrotechniquesENSMM, France

09,1993—11,1998  Associate professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University

04,1998—05,1998  Visiting ScholarCity University of Hong Kong

12,1998—Present   Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University

12,1999—Present   Ph.D Supervisor, Northwestern Polytechnical University

06,2002—08,2002  Senior visiting scholarNational Research Council Canada

08,2006—08,2008   Dean, Department of Microsystems Engineering 

01,2007—12,2009   Yangtse River Scholar Awarded Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, NPU

03,2011—Present   Dean, The space of micro nano Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education system, School of Mechanical Engineering, NPU

Education And Teaching

Awards Information

According to statistics, he has won the 2009 National Award for Technological Invention 2nd Prize( Two awards), Provincial Science and technology award 1st-3rd Prize .

Scientific Research

Now he focused his research on Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems and Microelectronics/ Nanoelectronics manufacture after he finished his academic visit from France. He also set up key laboratory of two, which was Shaanxi Province Key Laboratory of Micro /Nano System and Key Lab of Micro/Nano Systems for AerospaceMinistry of Education.

Academic Achievements

Until now, he has host for about 30 key projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, State 863 Projects ,Fund for Basic Research from National Scientifical and Industrial Technology Committee, and so on.

Social Appointments

He  serves as the Executive director or Senior Member for Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology, Chinese Society of Instrumentation, and Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering. He is the associate editor for several journals such as Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators, and Nanotechnology, etc. He is the Chair or TPC member for several international conferences such as ICMAN, IEEE NEMS, ASME NMS, and APCOT, etc.