yuan xiao qing



The basic information

yuan xiao qing

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Assistant Dean

Education Experience

b.s., northwestern polytechnical university, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, 2001

m.s., northwestern polytechnical university, electrical theory and new technology, 2004

ph.d., northwestern polytechnical university, mechanical engineering, 2010

Education And Teaching

electrical engineering principles and applications, bachelor course, 64 hours

automatic detection technology, master course, 40 hours

fault diagnosis, master course, 40 hours

Scientific Research

1. new motor design

2. control and automation of electromechanical system

3. fault diagnosis

Academic Achievements

1. zhao, j. h., shi, y. k., shan, n., & yuan, x. q.. stabilized fiber-optic extrinsic fabry-perot sensor system for acoustic emission measurement.optics & laser technology, 2008, 40(6), 874-880

2. xq yuan, yk shi, l. deng. the design and realization of an optic fibre fp acoustic emission sensor.acta photonica sinica. 2008, 37(1):82-85

3. x yuan, y shi, j zhao. design of multi-way composite switching power supply for intelligent sensor system.nuclear electronics & detection technology, 2009. 29(1):125-127

4. yang, n; shi, yk; yuan, xq; huang, l. research on frequency agility mechanism in simpliciti network.chinese journal of sensors and actuators. 2011, 24(12):1739-1743

5. su, sb; shi, yk ; yuan, xq; han, k; ma, y; cui, tt. a novel and effective tfpm motor structure for converging magnetic flux.journal of northestern polytechnical university. 2013, 31(3):362-366

6. wang, wd; shi, yk ; yuan, xq; su, sb. design and analysis of magnetic resonance compatibility of ultrasonic motor in surgical robot.journal of northestern polytechnical university. 2014, 32(1):147-151

7. wang, wd; shi, yk; yang, n; yuan, xq. experimental analysis of drilling process in cortical bone.medical engineering&physics. 2014, 36(2): 261-266