yu wei wei



The basic information

yu wei wei

School of Mechanical Engineering



Associate Professor

Education Experience

2007/12011/2,UPEC University,France, Information Science,PhD

2005/92010/4,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China, Navigation, Guidance and Control, PhD

2003/92005/7,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Master

1999/92003/7,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China,,Detectation Guidance and Control Technology,Bachelor


Education And Teaching

(1) Undergraduate Courses

   Robotics (English) 

   Introduction to Mechatronic Engineering (English)

   Human Factor

(2) Graduate Courses

   Human Facotr (English)

Scientific Research

Intelligent control of robot,  Biomimetic control of robot, Artificial Intelligence

Academic Achievements

     (1) Publication

[1] Yu Weiwei*, Huashan Feng, Yangyang Feng, Jie Hong, Runxiao Wang and K. Madani, A nonholonomic mobile system control by combining EEG-based BCI with ANFIS, Bio-medical Materials and Engineering, 2015, 8 (SCI).

[2] C.Sabourin#, Yu Weiwei#, K.Madani, Gait pattern based on CMAC neural network for robotic applications. Neural Processing Letters, 2013, 38(2): 261-279. (SCI)

[3] Yu Weiwei*, Zhai Mingmin, Chen Yasheng. Model-based workpiece positioning for robotic fixtureless assembly using parallel monocular vision system. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 2013, 256: 671-680. (EI

[4] Yu Weiwei*, C. Sabourin, K. Madani, CMAC structure optimization based on modified Q-Learning approach and its applications. Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2013, 465: 347-359.

[5] Yu Weiwei*, Wang Shen, K. Madani, A framework of autonomous knowledge transfer for robot navigation task. IEEE Int. Conf. on Awareness Science and Technology, pp.52-57, Japan. Aizu, 2013.11. (EI)

[6] Yu Weiwei*, K. Madani, C. Sabourin, CMAC structure optimization with Q-learning approach and its application. Int. Conf. on Neural Computation Theory and Applications, pp.283-288, France, Paris, 2011.11. (EI)

[7] Yu Weiwei*, K. Madani, C. Sabourin, Self-optimizing for the structure of CMAC neural network. IEEE Int. Conf. on Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling, pp.432-436, China, Wuhan, 2010.12. (EI)

[8] Y.Y.Feng, W.W.Yu*, Y.S.Chen, R.X.Wang, 12th Int. Conf. Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, France, Alsace, 2015.7 (EI)

[9] W.J Wang, W.W.Yu*, H.B.Wang, X.S.Qin, 12th Int. Conf. Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Alsace, 21-23, 2015 (EI)

[10] Shen Wang, Yu Weiwei*, K. Madani, Xinxin Zuo, Reinforcement transfer learning with feature information for robot motion planning. Int. Conf. on Advanced Control, Automation and Robotics, Hong kong, 2014.09.(EI)

[11] Shen Wang, Xinxin Zuo, Yu Weiwei*, K. Madani, Towards robotic semantic segmentation of supporting surfaces. IEEE Int. Conf. on Computational Intelligence Communication and Information Technology, Paris, France, 2015.01.(EI)

     (2) Book

Yu Weiwei*, C.Christophe, K.Madani. Contribution to Study of Intelligent Adaptive Control Strategies. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing ISBN: 978-3-8473-2666-3, 2012.12.


Social Appointments

(1) International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO), Committee member,Reviewer

(2) International Confereence on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI), Committee member,Reviewer

(3)  Neural Processing Letters, Reviewer


Team Information

Shaanxi Engineering and Technology Research Center of Special Digital Manufacturing Equipment