Zang Xiaojia


The basic information

Zang Xiaojia

School of Foreign Languages



Associate Professor

Vice Dean

Education Experience

Ph.D.  October 2009,Nanjing University, China

M.A. June 2006,Nanjing University

B.A. July 2003,Xi’an International Studies University 

Scientific Research


October-Nov. 2017 Visiting Scholar, Paris-Sorbonne University, France

July-Aug. 2017 Faculty Member, American Culture and Language Program,?

Michigan State University, USA

July 2016, Visiting Scholar, McGill University, Canada

Aug. 2014-Feb. 2015 Visiting Scholar, Paris-Sorbonne University, France

July-Aug. 2013 ?Research Fellow, Project on “Proust and Painting, Art and

Music,” Toulon-Var University, France

July 2008 Research Fellow, Center on Proust Studies, Paris-Nouvelle Sorbonne University


2018-2020 Project Investigator (PI), “Jacques Rancière’s LiteraryTheory,Young

Scholar Research Grant, Education Ministry, China (#18YJC752043)

2017-2019 PI,Translation of Chinese Economic Development: Theories,

Practices and TrendsHumanities and Social Sciences Fund, NPU

2012-2018 PI, “Marcel Proust and Painting, Music and Philosophy,”  National Fund

of Social Sciences, China (#12CWW032)

2017-2018 PI, “Post-Heidegger Studies in France,” Faculty Research Grant, NPU&

Education Ministry, China)

2018 PI, “Belt & Road and Transcultural Studies,” Humanities andSocial

Sciences Fund, NPU

2015-2017 PI, “Remembrance of Things Pastin Perspective of War,” Faculty 

Research Grant, NPU & Education Ministry (#3102015RW0013)

July-Aug. 2013 Translation Fellowship, French Government

2012 Second Prize, Outstanding Young Faculty Award, NPU

July-Aug. 2010 Translation Fellowship, French Government

Academic Achievements



Co-Translator (Chinese-English, with Xiao-huang Yin), Chinese Economic Development: Theories, Practices and Trends (by Hong Yinxing), Brill,

Amsterdam/Boston, 2019 (forthcoming).

Author,The Art and the Days: Proust with Art and PhilosophyScience Press, Beijing, 2018, 138 pages.

Translator, Mute Speech (by Jacques Rancière), East China Normal University, Shanghai, 2016, 256 pages.

Translator, Proust Contre Cocteau (by Claude Arnaud), Shanghai People’s Press,

Shanghai, 2015, 206 pages.

Author, The Naissance of the Canon: In Search of Lost Time, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 2011, 192 pages.

TranslatorHannah Arendt (by Julia Kristeva), Jiangsu Education Press, Nanjing, 2006, 244 pages.

TranslatorThe Naked Goddess (by Jacqueline Kelen), Guangxi Normal University Press, Guilin, 2005, 193 pages.

Articles and Book Chapters:

Author, “Victor Segalen’s Aesthetic Thought in the Belt & Road Prospective,” in Zhang Yi and Wang Xiaotao, eds., The Belt & Road Studies in Global Perspective: Theory and PracticeScience Press, Beijing, 2018 (forthcoming).

Translator,  “Approaching the Silk Road: Literary Theories and Reflection on the Study of Globalization in the West” (by Paul Jay), in Academics, 24:5 (May

2018), pp.78-84.

Co-Author (with Wang Hui), “Reaching the Belt & Road Regions: A Trans-System Perspective on the Intersections of Civilizations and Historical Discourses,” Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Humanities & Social Sciences Edition), 38:1 (March 2018), pp.45-53.

Author, “Writing of the War in Time Regained,” Journal of Xi’an International

Studies University, 26:1 (March 2018), pp.125-128.

Author, “Rancière on Proust,” Dialogues on Literature, 20:1 (January 2018), pp.135-141.

Author, “Being-Towards-Death: Reflections of Blanchot and Rancière on the Nature of Literature,” Contemporary Foreign Literature, 41:4 (December 2017),


Co-Author (with Cui Xiaobin), “Modiano’s Post-Proust Writing,” Journal of Shaanxi Normal University (Humanities & Social Sciences Edition), 24:5 (November

2017), pp.128-134.

Author,?“Mute Struggle and Presence of the Spirit: Jacques Rancière’s Discourse on

Mute Speech in Literature,”?Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, 35:9?

(September2017), pp.126-131.

Author,?“Close that Correct Door,”?New Perspectives in Humanities, 11:8 (August?

2017), pp.120-135.

Author,?“Reread?Remembrance of Things Pastin Perspective of War,”?Studies of

Foreign Literature, 38:4 (August 2016), pp.93-100.

Author,“Lire Proust en Chine,”Quaderni Proustiani, Italy, 10:5 (May 2016), pp.329-


Author,“Translation and Interpretation of Luo Ying’s Poets in France,”Review on

Novels, February 2016, pp.31-35.

Author,“Proust's Philosophy of Art,”?Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Humanities & Social Sciences Edition), 35:2 (June 2015), pp.79-83.

Author, “From Art to Reality: Value of Painting in Proust’s Writing,”Journal of

Shaanxi Normal University (Humanities & Social Sciences Edition), 43:6

(November 2014), pp.96-102.

Author, “On the Issue of Canon and Literary Critique: From the Perspective of In Search of Lost Time,” Studies of Linguistics and Literature, 25:1 (January

2012), pp.153-159.

Author, “Proust’s Biography and a New Vision of Literary Criticism,” Translation

Bimonthly, 25:3 (June 2009), pp.174-176.

Author, “Proust’s Conception on Literary Criticism,” Translation Bimonthly, 25:1

(February 2009), pp.201-204.

Translator, “The Last Tribe(by Eliette Abécassis), Yilin Quarterly, December 2010, pp.3-108.


Selected Conference Papers and Panels:

Symposium, June 1-2, 2018, Tokyo.

Co-Organizer/Executive Secretary, “Memories and Visions: China’s Ties with the Outside World through the Belt & Road Initiative,” International Conference, Sept.22-25, 2017, Xi’an.

Paper, Gustave Le Clézio and Asia,” Oct. 8-11, 2017, Nanjing.

Paper, “Closing that Correct Door: Jacques Rancièreon Proust,” Annual Conference,

Association on French Literature, Sept.23-25, 2016, Shanghai.

Paper, “Jacques Rancièreon Proust,” International Symposium, “Contemporary

Foreign Literary Studies Forum,” Nov.11, 2016, Nanjing.

Discussant, “Translator’s Forum,” Conference on Translation Studies, December 15, 2015, Beijing.

Paper, “Who Am I: Comparing ‘I’ in Proust’s Writing with ‘I’ under Rousseau’s Pen,” International Symposium, “Celebration of the 300thAnniversary of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Birth,” June 25, 2012, Nanjing.

Paper, “The Mission of Critics on Literary Classics: A Case Study of In Search of

Lost Time,” International Symposium, “Views on Alien Cultures in  Contemporary Foreign Literature,” November 22, 2011, Guangzhou.