zhang dong



The basic information

zhang dong

School of Astronautics



Associate Professor


Work Experience

Jun.2014- Present:  Lecturer, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an Shannxi;

Jun.2013-Dec.2013:  Assistant Engineer,Sichuan Academy of Aerospace Technology, Chendu, Sichuan;

Jun.2011-Sep.2011: Intern Engineer, Jinshan Network Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai,Guangdong;

May2010-Sep.2010: Intern Engineer, Alibaba Network Co., Ltd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 

Education Experience

Sep. 2010 – Nov.2013

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shannxi

Doctor’s degree in Navigation Guidance and Control

School of Astronautics

Sep. 2008 - Jun. 2010

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shannxi

Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics

School of Science

Sep. 2004 - Jun. 2008


NingXia University, Yinchuan, Ningxia

Bachelor of Science in Information and Computing Science

School of Mathematics and Computer Science


Scientific Research

  Adaptive Control and Feedback Capability;

 Dynamics Modeling and Control.

Academic Achievements

1. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang, Jing Che. Concurrent Subspace Design Optimization and Analysis of Hypersonic Vehicles Based on Response Surface Models[J]. Aerospace Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1016/J.ast.2015.01.003.

2. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang, Shi-zhen Li. Engineering calculation method of viscous force for air-breathing hypersonic vehicle[J]. Journal of Solid Rocket Technology,2013,36(3):291-295. (in chinese)  

3. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang. Qiangjun Zhu. Research on quasi one dimensional modeling of the scramjet engine[J]. Journal of Solid Rocket Technology, 2015,38(2).192-196. (in chinese)

4. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang. Quasi One-dimensional Modeling and Analysis of Scramjet Combustor[J]. Journal of Ballistics, 2015,27(1):85-91. (in chinese)

5. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang, Shizhen Li. Longitudinal Aerodynamics Analysis of an integrated hypersonic vehicle[J].Flight Dynamics, 2012,30(4):328-331. (in chinese)

6. Shuo Tang, Dong Zhang, Qiangjun Zhu. Coupling model and analysis for air-breathing hypersonic vehicle propulsion system[J].Flight Dynamics, 2013,31(3):243-249. (in chinese)

7. Dong Zhang, Yong Wang, Lijun Cai. An effective adaptive algorithm for classifying date streams based on one-class learing[J].Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2010. (in chinese)

8. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang. The Propulsion/Flight Dynamics Coupling Analysis for Air-breathing Hypersonic Vehicles[R]. 4th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, 2012.

9. Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang. Co-evolutionary Multi-objective Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Air-breathing Hypersonic Vehicles[R]. 20th AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference, Glasgow,Scotland, July7~9,2015.

10.   Dong Zhang, Yong Wang, Lijun Cai. A learning algorithm for one-class data stream classification based on ensemble classifier[C]. 2010 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling, Proceedings.