zhang yao zhong



The basic information

zhang yao zhong

School of Electronics and Information



Associate Professor

Work Experience

1、Software engineer, SnowCity Software Inc., Zhengzhou, China, 2000-2001.

2、Associate Professor, School of Electronics and Information, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, 2006-Now. 

Education Experience

1、BSc, Electrical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1993-1997.

2、M.S., School of Electronics and Information, Systems engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 1997-2000.

3、Ph.D., School of Electronics and Information, Systems engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2001-2006. 

4、Visiting Scholar,School of Engineering,George Mason University, 2013-2014.

Education And Teaching

1. Operations research;

2. Information systems analysis;

3. Principle and analysis of C4I system.

Awards Information

1. The Second-class National Defense Science and Technology Award;

2. The Second-class Shaanxi University of science and Technology Award;

3. The Second-class National Defense Science and Technology Award;

4. The Third-class National Defense Science and Technology Award2002. 

Scientific Research

1、Modeling, Simulation and Effectiveness Evaluation of Complex Systems;

2、Advanced Command and Control Theory;

3、Integrated Avionics Systems and Simulation Technologies;

4、Mission planning system of UAVs .

Academic Achievements

1) ZHANG Yaozhong, LV Yingying, ZHANG Jiandong, SHI Guoqing, Design and Simulation of Warning Radar on UCAV, 2nd International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering, ICEICE 2012.

2) Yingying Lv, Fengxia Zhang, Yaozhong Zhang, Fuliang Niu, Research on Task Allocation in Multi-Aircraft Operation Combat System Base on Capability Vector. 2011 International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE). Oct, 1st 2011 In Yangzhou China; 

3) Yaozhong Zhang, An Zhang, Qingjun Xia, Fengjuan Guo, Research on Modeling and Simulation of an Adaptive Combat Agent Infrastructure for Network Centric Warfare, LSMS-ICSEE2010 , September 2010. 

3) Quanjun Lv, An Zhang, Yaozhong Zhang, Study on temporal isolation safeguard mechanisms for avionics integrated core processor, Computer Engineering and Applications, 2009(03).

5) Zhang Yaozhong, Zhang An, Research on Effectiveness Assessment of C2S for Air-to-Surface Operation, JOURNAL OF SYSTEM SIMULATION, 2008 Vol.20(3). EI Accession number:081011137056.

6) Zhang Yaozhong, Zhang An, Research on Node Network Complexity of Air-to-Surface Battle C2S, Fire Control & Command Control, 2008 Vol.33(2).

7) Zhang Yaozhong, Zhang An, Li Xiangmin, Modeling and analysis of tactical information distributive process based on network-centric warfare, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS, 2008 Vol.30(1)EI Accession number:081111147063.

8) Zhang Yaozhong, Zhang An, He Shengqiang, Modeling of Attack-defense Confrontation System Base on Adaptive MAS, JOURNAL OF SYSTEM SIMULATION,2006 Vol.18(S2).

9) Zhang Yaozhong, Wang anli, Xu Jiaojie, Development of the multi-card driver for video transmission card in windows NT. System Engineering and Electronics, 2004 Vol.26(1). EI Accession number:04118060867. 

Social Appointments

 Member of Chinese Association for System Simulation