Yufan Zhao



The basic information

Yufan Zhao

School of Materials Science and Engineering





Work Experience

March 2021 - Present:  School of Materials Science and Engineering,  Northwestern Polytechnical University,  Professor (tenure-track);

November 2019 - February 2021:  Institute for Materials Research,  Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan),  Assistant Professor.

Education Experience

October 2016 - September 2019:  Department of Materials Processing,  Graduate School of Engineering,  Tohoku University,  Doctor of Engineering;

September 2012 - March 2015:  School of Materials Science and Engineering,  Northwestern Polytechnical University,  Master of Engineering;

September 2008 - June 2012:  School of Materials Science and Engineering,  Northwestern Polytechnical University,  Bachelor of Engineering.

Scientific Research

Structure and Property Control of Metal Additive Manufacturing aided by Numerical Simulation with Multi-physics and Multi-scale

Academic Achievements

(1) Yufan Zhao; Kenta Aoyagi*; Yohei Daino; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Significance of powder feedstock characteristics in defect suppression of additively manufactured Inconel 718Additive Manufacturing, 2020, 34: 0-101277. (Research Article)

(2) Yufan Zhao; Kenta Aoyagi*; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Role of operating and environmental conditions in determining molten pool dynamics during electron beam melting and selective laser meltingAdditive Manufacturing, 2020, 36: 0-101559. (Research Article)

(3) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi*; Kenta Aoyagi; Daixiu Wei; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Molten pool behavior and effect of fluid flow on solidification conditions in selective electron beam melting (SEBM) of a biomedical Co-Cr-Mo alloyAdditive Manufacturing, 2018, 26: 202-214. (Research Article)

(4) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi*; Kenta Aoyagi; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Isothermal γ→ε phase transformation behavior in a Co-Cr-Mo alloy depending on thermal history during electron beam powder-bed additive manufacturingJournal of Materials Science & Technology, 2020, 50: 162-170. (Research Article)

(5) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi; Kenta Aoyagi*; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko
Chiba; Thermal properties of powder beds in energy absorption and heat transferdu
ring additive manufacturing with electron beam, Powder Technology, 2020, 381: 44-54(Research Article)

(6) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi; Kenta Aoyagi*; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko ChibaManipulating local heat accumulation towards controlled quality and microstructure of a Co-Cr-Mo alloy in powder bed fusion with electron beamMaterials Letters, 2019, 254: 269-272. (Research Article)

(7) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi; Kenta Aoyagi*; Daixiu Wei; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Comprehensive study on mechanisms for grain morphology evolution and texture development in powder bed fusion with electron beam of Co–Cr–Mo alloyMaterialia2019, 6: 100346. (Research Article)

(8) Yufan Zhao; Yujie Cui*; Haruko Numata; Huakang Bian; Kimio Wako; Kenta Yamanaka; Kenta Aoyagi; Akihiko Chiba; Centrifugal granulation behavior in metallic powder fabrication by plasma rotating electrode processScientific Reports, 2020, 10: 18446. (Research Article)

(9) Yufan Zhao; Yuichiro Koizumi*; Kenta Aoyagi; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Characterization of powder bed generation in electron beam additive manufacturing by discrete element method (DEM)Materials Today: Proceedings, 2017, 4(11): 11437-11440. (Research Article)

(10) Yujie Cui*; Yufan Zhao*; Haruko Numata; Huakang Bian; Kimio Wako; Kenta Yamanaka; Kenta Aoyagi; Chen Zhang; Akihiko Chiba; Effects of plasma rotating electrode process parameters on the particle size distribution and microstructure of Ti-6Al-4 V alloy powderPowder Technology, 2020, 376: 363-372. (Research Article)

(11)Yujie Cui; Kenta Aoyagi*; Yufan Zhao; Kenta Yamanaka; Yuichiro Hayasaka; Yuichiro Koizumi; Tadashi Fujieda; Akihiko Chiba; Manufacturing of a nanosized TiB strengthened Ti-based alloy via electron beam powder bed fusionAdditive Manufacturing2020, 36: 101472. (Research Article)

(12)Huakang Bian; Kenta Aoyagi*; Yufan Zhao; Chikatoshi Maeda; Tashihiro Mouri; Akihiko Chiba; Microstructure refinement for superior ductility of Al–Si alloy by electron beam meltingAdditive Manufacturing, 2020, 36: 101472. (Research Article)

(13)Yujie Cui*; Huakang Bian*; Yunping Li; Yufan Zhao; Kenta Aoyagi; Akihiko Chiba; Impacts of pre-strain on twin boundary mobility of magnesiumJournal of Alloys and Compounds2020, 816: 152496. (Research Article)

(14) Qian Chen; Yunhao Zhao; Seth Strayer; Yufan Zhao; Kenta Aoyagi; Yuichiro Koizumi; Akihiko Chiba; Wei Xiong; Albert C.To*; Elucidating the effect of preheating temperature on melt pool morphology variation in Inconel 718 laser powder bed fusion via simulation and experiment, Additive Manufacturing, 2021, 37: 101642. (Research Article)

(15) Jianjun Xu; Xin Lin*; Yufan Zhao; Pengfei Guo; Xiaoli Wen; Qiuge Li; Haiou Yang*; Hongbiao Dong*; Lei Xue; Weidong Huang; HAZ Liquation Cracking Mechanism of IN-738LC Superalloy Prepared by Laser Solid Forming, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2018, 49: 5118-5136. (Research Article)